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question on pwr cords
usually best results are achieved if the cables are long enough to reach teh socket... please! you are never going to here the difference between a 1.5m cable and a 2m cable of the same type. stop worrying and listen to the effing music! 
speakers for VAC 30/30 amp
if you speak to kevin hayes at VAC, he will tell you that he uses Thiel 3.6s for much of his developement work. personally i would probably try using the 30/30 with something more easily driven like the 1.6. this would certainly give you very enjo... 
VPI Scout and Scoutmaster owners.
VPI Scout and Scoutmaster owners.
i had a long and detailed discussion with vpi about the upgrades. it was put to me that the vahlhalla wire was only a benefit if a) you like the nordost presentation, b) that the full benefits came only with a full loom and that the nordost stuff ... 
Help to make a choice: BAT; VAC; E.A.R.
i also would vote for vac. i think their products are great and can vouch for their customer service, which really stands out as 1st class. 
new tube break in
i'm certain that was just amp warm up. 20 minutes is no where near enough to warm the amp. an hour sounds much more realistic. it took my el34 tubes a good 100 hours to burn in. 
Best set up for EAR 834P and VAC sig MKI preamp
i'm suprised you use the ear with the vac. the vac is a vastly superior bit of kit. if your sig has the phono stage, i'd suggest it would wipe the floor with the ear. 
NEW dCS P 8i cd-player
heard it at the heathrow hifi show. admitedly under show conditions, but it was one of the better sounding rooms at the show. unfortunately, i can't remember what equipement it was partnered with... 
The Mechanics of WAF
kind of like bass traps! 
Mr Clean Eraser for Stylus Cleaning
enough said!!!! 
Mr Clean Eraser for Stylus Cleaning
has anyone tried using Mr Clean Magic Eraser for cleaning records? just a quick wipe...;-) 
Is there high output MC that can compete/beat ...
i'm using a dynavector 20x h with a gram amp 2se, and it seems to sound jsut fine... 
Upgrade from my GSP era gold
maybe a music maker iii? 
Anyone know anything about Eleanor McEvoy?
what does it sound like? i have seen that she seems to be audiophool approved and had skipped her on that basis... genre? 
Marantz 8B, best tubes to use ??
try the "winged c" svetlana tubes (or SED as i think they are now labled in the states) a very good all round tube that is pretty cheap and beats the sovteks into the dust!