New CDP on the way--Advise, please

Whether it be new cables, interconnects, amp, the like, I broke everything in, depending on the item, with a specific time and stereo volume. Any suggestions for a new CDP? The volume shouldn't matter; should it? Set me free guys. Thanks in advance.
P.S.CDP is the Audio Aero Prima.
For the cd player-- It only needs to be on repeat the device it is hooked to must be powered up. This device could actually be a vcr /dac /pre amp. Just so the second device is powered up---NO volume is nec. Full breakin is about 5 to 7 days--non stop in repeat mode.
Avguygeorge- I'm interested in knowing why you believe the downstream device needs to be powered on? You are absolutely correct in that the device under burn-in (DUB?) does need to drive something to properly burn-in. The output stage of the CDP does need to "see" a load, input impedance of the next device, but this rarely requires powering up the device to achieve this loading. Most analog preamps with mechanical selector switches in the signal path only require that the corresponding input selector for the CDP be chosen, but not that the pre-amp has to be powered up. I wouldn't be surprised if the inputs on the VCR present a load as well regardless of the powered state. Many dacs also terminate the inputs before going thru the selector circuits. I'm just trying to shed some light, not slam anyone. I hope you don't take my comments that way. Enjoy.
Jcbtubes - It would be logical to assume that the CDP will be plugged into Warrenh's YBA Passion Integre integrated amp. The YBA Passion line uses electronic switching relays for input selection, not a mechanical selector switch. This may be one of the rare occasions that you mentioned where the device needs to be powered up to achieve the desired loading.
Even though the YBA does not have a mechanical selector switch, wouldn't keeping the selector switch turned to CD keep a load on the ICs/CDP? (the reason I mention ICs, is because I'm getting a new pair, that I also want to break them in the same way; either with or without the CDP. It may be awhile 'til my CDP arrives, so I would break in my ICs first-same method, I imagine.) My YBA is always in the standby mode. Even though the front diode is off, (when the volume is turned all the way down) the main on/off in the back is always on. Wouldn't that provide the necessary load? Thanks in advance.
Standby mode sounds like it should work, although I don't know the circuitry well enough to say exactly what is engaged and what is not in this mode. Personally, I would power up fully if there were any real doubt. If you have an ohm meter, you could test to see if the selector goes to open circuit (infinite resistance with no opportunity for current flow) when in standby mode. Best of luck.
Well here's the deal my fellow audiophools. I called YBA-North American Distributor, and they said, regardless of where my selector knob is, with the integrated off or in the standby, mode, that the IC will be carrying a load. So there I am. Thanks again for you help. I can keep it off and it will, as passively as can be, break in those interconnects.