New Aerial 9 or Merlin VSM

The Choice for only MUSIC 2 channel: New Aerial 9 or Merlin
VSM with the BAM.
Used with CAT SL1 & JL2. Room size 17 x 14 x 8.

Not much response, so I thought I'd throw in my limited knowledge. I own a a pair of the latest Merlin VSM-M's with the latest tweaks. Can't say enough good stuff. Obviously the Merlins will show off all your equipment either good or bad. Don't clean the window if you don't want to see the view. If you have components up to it, the Merlins can give you world class imaging, clarity and detail. I use all VAC amplification and love the synergy with the Merlins. Just an incredibly emotional, sexy sound that is truly addictive.

I considered the Aerial 10 and 7B, but ultimately didn't get to hear them. They were a little big and heavy for my tastes. My impression is that both of these models are near SOTA and can deliver excellent sound. The 9's are probably quite awesome as well. I'd expect the Aerial to have better low end, but the Merlins to ultimately have a more refined sound. Just my two cents.
I too am strongly considering the new Aerial 9. There aren't very many dealers that have them in stock since they were just released.

I have spoken to Michael Kelly at length about the design and like the (4) 7" woofers which are ported on the bottom of the speaker. I would expect the bass to be very fast and clean. This should make room placement relatively easy . Michael told me they clearly outperform the 10T.

Have you had a chance to audition the 9's?

BTW, I'm also told the Merlin's are excellent speakers.
the 9's are very very good but not in the class of the 20t's i am getting a pair of the 9's soon!