Pre for Aerial 9s, Classe CAM 350 and Modwr. TP

I run this system with the Modwright Transporter direct to power with no pre. It sounds great, but I am nonetheless considering a pre to add weight to the image and expand the soundstage. I like a somewhat tuby and warm sound, but not overly so. I also like laidback components as I fatigue from forward systems.

I am leaning toward a Modwright 36.5. I heard it at an audio show and was quite impressed. The MW TP was voiced with that pre, which also cuts in its favor.

I have heard Cary gear and liked it. Posters on various forums rave about the SLP-05. I have also read raves about the EAR 868. Some prefer to the MW. Both supposedly have a more tuby sound than the MW. I will not likely have an opportunity to audition these.

The MW seems like a safe and solid bet, but I am intrigued by the the Cary and EAR.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with these pres or any other pre I should consider. Given that I can't audition all of them I want all of the info I can get before I pull the trigger.

Thankis in advance.
Maybe consider the Lamm LL2 Deluxe. It has synergized with the several amps I have tried it with. I believe the input impedance of the 350's should be suitable, but I only found the balanced input impedance on the spec page of their website, which was 75K ohms. One consideration, the Lamm has only single-ended inputs and outputs. Also maybe a VTL 5.5, which I found to sound good, but it is an older model. The VTL has only single-ended inputs, but does offer a balanced output. Another consideration for a dimensional and textured preamp that offers clarity and a very nice sound is the solid state Tom Evans Vibe with Pulse, and there have been some for sale here at reasonable prices lately. The Tom Evans is only single-ended. CAT preamps sound great, and offer tremendous bass, but they are not warm. Many like the Calypso (although I was not impressed) and it is also not warm.
I like a somewhat tubey and warm sound, but not overly so. I also like laidback components as I fatigue from forward systems.

I am leaning toward a Modwright 36.5.

Your likes will not be fulfilled by what the Modwright 36.5 will provide, IMO.

Does your MW Transporter sound tubey and laid back? Bet it sounds neutral and balanced. The 36.5 will be more of the same. Modwright's house sound is consistent.

Depending on the tubes installed, Lamm, Joule, Cary, Juicy Music are preamps that will get you closer to your preferences, provided the impedance match is good.
Hey, I was hoping for a little more input. Anyone?

BTW, I should know this but don't have a good handle on it. How can I ensure a good impedance match? The input impedance is 75ohm (balanced) and the output impedance on the CLasse is .017 ohm. Is 10xule of thunmb? Or what?

Actually, CLasse has an input impedance of 75k ohms.
The input impedance of the Classe 350 is 75,000 ohms (75k ohms), not 75 ohms. When Stereophile tested the output impedance, they measured 100k ohms at the unbalanced inputs, and 200k ohms at the balanced inputs. You want to mate amplifier input impedance with preamplifier output impedance.

With the Classe 350's high input impedance, you have the freedom to mate it with virtually any preamp, IMO.
Thanks Tvad.