Network Player

Dearly miss my Marantaz receiver since it had Sirius and Pandora apps. I now have a Classe Sigma SSP and looking for something to fill that streaming internet radio void. I'm looking for a Hi-Res (24/192) streaming player with built-in apps both free and subscription (i.e. Tidal, Pandora, Sirius etc.). I've narrowed my search down to the following -
Autonomics MMS-5A
Aurender N100
Cambridge Audio Magic 6 V2

I was dead set on the Autonomics, but after reading some mixed reviews regarding the internal DAC/components on the Autonomics, I'm still looking for the ideal player. Any input on any of the above mentioned machines or recommendations for other brand would be greatly appreciated.
If you're savvy enough build you own network attached
computer with storage for $500 then put the rest of the
money into a DAC. If you want to put a little extra money
into the computer for appearance sake I'm a big fan of
the cases from .

Load Jriver onto the computer and then use your iPhone,
iPad, or Android device to control your library. It's a
lot easier than you'd think.
The Cambridge is a good choice at its price point for combined streamer and DAC. Better choices take you into separate streamers and DACs. For the price of the Aurender N100 you could buy an Auralic Aries LE streamer and a Metrum Octave II DAC... and you would still need a DAC.
If you enjoyed your Marantz, how about a Marantz NA8005?
Thanks for the suggestions. I guess there's no simple, minimalist way to do what I want without adding serious additional hardware (i.e. DAC, computer, etc.)?
I checked out the Marantz NA-11S1 (thanks for the suggestion). I think I may go route; used if possible.