Need some cd player advice for redbook only

hi, Just wanted to get some insight and help deciding between a cary 308t cd player and the cambridge 840c. Any thoughts. I'm just looking for really nice redbook playback that's on the sweeter, warmer side.
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I haven't heard the Cary but I've listened to the 840c several times and sweet and warm it aint. I found it highly detailed and quite forward with a treble that could get a little peaky. Others might be able to fill you in on the Cary. On the sweeter, warmer side, I could recommend a tube output CD player such as the Raysonic or Cayin.
Lexicon RT-20 sounds great with my Spectral set up and is a bargain.
the cary players i have owned two, 300/100 300/200, but very tube sounding, does that make sense? and are very musical and warm. i enjoyed both and think the used unit are a steal....the cary has been one of my favorite players, i have owned linn, which i thought was the best player i have ever owned, krell,,,cary,,,cayin,,,,great playere,,,,musical fidelity,,,,,naim......the cary was the 2nd best overall musically and warm ..dwhitt
I've not heard the Cary unit, but do own the Cambridge 840C which is mated to a BAT VK 300 SE super tube integrated. I find the sound very detailed and sweet. The highs to my taste are accurate but not sterile. No listener fatigue for me.
Everyone has different taste, listening room dynamics and equipment. Let your ears tell you which is best for you. Both the units you are considering are of obvious quality. Your ears will guide you.
Naim cd5i-2 is a very nice sounding player. This player was my preference over the 840c. I found the 840c to be a little forward for my taste. Good luck in your search.
I've owned the 308t and its an excellent player. The player had excellent dynamics and bass slam. I liked Mullard tubes in the player, which added some warmth and richness. My only concern would be the simple fact that the 308t hasn't been made for a few years, so you're looking at an older player from a reliability standpoint.

I'm just looking for really nice redbook playback that's on the sweeter, warmer side. Jdnamn97 (Threads)

This describes the Raysonic cd128