Neil Diamond.........

Okay, so I've never been much of a Neil Diamond fan. Although I think he was great during The Band's "The Last Waltz" concert, I never bought any of his records. Then a few years ago, at my wife's urging, I reluctantly went to see him in concert. Wow !!!....he was sensational, and I've since learned to really respect him as a singer.

Well, I recently purchased "Home Before Dark," his latest CD. It may very well be the best male vocal recording I have ever heard. It is simply fantastic, and through my Rotel/Rogue/Vandersteen system, it sounds as if he is absolutely "in the room." The songs are terrific, and the recording seems perfect. How do you guys and gals feel about this album ?
I bought that one recently too, and liked it very much in the rental car; but (nitpicking here) when I got home, the sound was a little overcooked in the hifi system. Modern mastering, again.

I do like the songs though - better, in my opinion, than his previous "12 Songs".

I have a been a fan of Neil Diamond since I was 12, which makes it about 40 years now. The songs from both Home Before Dark and 12 Songs are very reminiscent style wise of Neil's work from the Bang and Uni Records days. If you are interested in some of his back catalog, you may want to try:

Tennessee Moon
The Best Years of Our Lives
I'm Glad You are Here with Me Tonight
Live Gold


I like a lot of Neil Diamonds stuff (not all though) and think he has a fantastic emotive voice.

Solitary Man and I Am I Said are two of my favorites of his.

Never seen him live but I am sure it would be fantastic (it's on my list).
Comon, Neil's the Man. I was about five years old and mom had Hot August Night cranked on vinyl time and time again, while vacuuming....I've always liked him. That's a long time.
I was sort of lukewarm on Neil until I saw him live around 1978, great show!
"Home Before Dark" is a real great album. Sound is outstanding on Vinyl, when they use a Digital Master, I don't hear it.
But "12 Songs" (the Double CD, where his choices are on a separate Disc) is unique. Remembers me a little bit to Cash' 1. Album with Rick Rubin, a "Look into the former Life", but really, really good.
I'll second Stones and Gold
His live performance in Gold is unreal!
IMO a must
I have a double CD set called "Gold" that is mostly original studio recordings with very good sound + a few live versions of a few Neil Diamond songs at the end. IT is a wonderful collection for getting exposure to Diamond's better known classic works.

The live versions at the end are mostly better than original versions as I recall. THe live version of "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" is a particularly extraordinary rendition of a lesser known yet classic Diamond tune that helped make me a believer!
It's unfortunate that most of Neil's work on Bang Records has never been released on CD. A two record set of Neil's work on Bang Records that is worth tracking down is Double Gold . This set contains the definitive versions of Neil's mid-1960's work:

Disc 1

01. I'm a believer
02. Monday Monday
03. The long way home
04. I'll come running
05. Red, red wine
06. Shilo
07. Do it
08. Oh No, No
09. Love to love
10. Thank the Lord for the night time

Disc 2

01. Solitary Man
02. New Orleans
03. Cherry, Cherry
04. Someday Baby
06. Kentucky Woman
07. The boat that I row
08. You got to me
09. You'll forget
10. Crooked Street
11. Shot Down


I saw Mr. Diamond in Chicago in 1971, I think; it might have been 72'. It still serves as a measuring stick for every other concert I see.

FYI, If you're in town, please don't miss "Jersey Boys". Great Fun!
There is two albums by him called Gold.
One is a hits compilation and the other is the marvelous live concert
Have you heard his Taproot Manuscript?? Its his take on African music as is done like an opera