Need tube amp for Epos M12

I am putting together a second system for my apartment which will mainly be a 2 channel stereo only. Speakers are a pair of Epos M12 I currently have. These are very transparent and neutral but could be a bit analytical at time and lacking a little bit of warmth at the lower mid if not matched properly. To make up for that, they have very good timing and are quite fast, agile, and explicit especially when it comes to vocal reproduction.

Because of their nature, I want to match them with a tube amp to add a little warmth and to soften the treble transient which could be a little harsh with low-end solid state amp. If I have to go with a SS amp, I will probably purchase a used Arcam A75. I once used a Nad 320BEE with the M12 but the bass was too overblown and out-of-control. I am looking for a used tube amp below 1000.
There are a couple of Conrad Johnson MV55 and a few Jolida JB503 for sale here in Audiogon but I really have no experiences with them.
I owned the M12's (with a Creek 5350SE and a Unico). Yes, they are a very good speaker. They like power, I would look at something like the Jolida 1501RC which has 100+ watts. Maybe someone can chime in on the 1501RC as I have not heard it.

Love those Epos. What about that new Cayin integrated Bizzy Bee and everyone else is touting? Right amount of tube power. Nice topography. For a bit more money the VTL 85 integrated will run the heck out of these.

I agree with Celtic66. I just bought the Fully modded Cayin TA-30 from Paul. I absolutely love it. I'm sure your
Epos M12's will love it, as well. I'd recommend
replacing the stock Cayin EL-34's with Electro-Harmonix, or down the line, Mullard's. As, finances permit! Also, if you need more bass slam, the Cayin accepts KT-88's. Paul offers a 14 day return policy. Even if you decide that the Cayin is not your"cup of tea", you can easily sell it because it's in such high demand. Rightfully so!

Good luck in your search.

the cj is world class, and a good match
Since the TA-30 has only 35W, does it have enough power to control the bass? By the way, what speakers are you using?
Currently, I'm using Klipsch Heresy's, soon, to be replaced by Green Mountain Audio Europas.
We have several customers who have called to say they are really happy with the Cayin TA-30 on the Europas and on other speakers too, if that is the integrated amp model.

Green Mountain
not sure how old this thread is, but the M12's and the Unico are a good combination, no doubts. Mix and match cables for fine tuning and you're off to the races...