Need amp/pre recommend for Maggie 3.5s

I just purchased an immaculate pair of 3.5s (from an Audiogon classified, exceeded my expectations!), and am now looking for advice on pres & amps to consider (and of course those to avoid).

There is a plethora of manufacturers, and I haven't a clue where on the sliding scale these guys all "rank"...I can see that some retail prices are astronomical (Levinson), but am looking for used prices of:

Pre - Under $1,000
Amp - Under $1,000

if that is at all reasonable. Otherwise I have to think about an integrated. Two channel only, majority of my listening is CD, but I have a large vinyl collection and will eventually upgrade my analog equipment as well (just not right now). Can go separate phono stage if I have to...but hope I don't.

Any advice? Feel free to speak your mind on your past mistakes, especially regarding working with this size Maggie.

Thanks in advance!
I would start matching with an amp before worrying about a pre initially. I have an Ayre V-3 hooked to my Maggie 2.7QR's. I have listened to the Bryston and Mark Levinson amps connected to them. The Bryston is bright with good punch to it (better for rock music). The Mark Levinson was way too much money but the Ayre sounded to me better than the Mark Levinson with these speakers. The sound is very detailed with no harshness what so ever and the Ayre brought out more bass than expected and a little tighter. Hope you have a chance to audition this combination.
BAT. I also own 3.5s and have found an excellent match with a vk3 preamp-about a grand here on the Gon- and a vk500 amp- out of your price range but you can pick up a vk200 (used)for about what you want to spend. I am very satisfied with this pairing, give it a try.
Funny you asked. There's another fella who's looking for a good amp and preamp for his Maggies, too, and I just posted a suggestion -- a CODA Continuum Stage Plus amp. See

for my reply.

Your 3.5's will likely require even more current into low impedance loads than the other guy's SMGa's, though. So ......... why not bi-amp with two Stage Plus amps? These amps are SPECIFICALLY designed to drive low impedance loads, and they really sound great. See the CODA site for more information:

Good luck!
Used Rogue 66 and a used Bryston 4B-ST can be bought for less than 2K with change to spare. You might even be able to find a "Magnum version" of the 66 within your price bracket. The Rogue will warm up the Bryston amp nicely and the Bryston amp will provide you with the current you will need to run those 3.5's like they should be run!

Not too sure about the 4 ohm rating on the Plinius 8200 but its 175 w/ch @ 8 ohms might be a good choice for an integrated amp...