Need to know the best proccessor ...........

Need to know the best processor to connect with my Adcom GFA 7000, going to use B&W cm9 speakers, and B&W subwoofers, mid size room, going to do audio and video sound.
Another "best" question. Too many variables are omitted. Options range from the Integra DHC-80.3 to the DataSat RS-20i.
Agreed Kr4. There is no best of anything. Just like there is no best price. If one looks hard enough, you'll always find something better after you think you found the best.

There are good VALUES that meets your needs though.

Right now, one of the best values around is the Marantz AV7005 being cleared out at around $1200. Learn about it and if it meets your needs and budget, it may be the "best" processor for you.
He did ask for the best, that stipulates a recommendation for the DataSat RS-20i.
I refuse to answer any more "best" questions after getting scolded by a moderator. I don't really care about it, just wanted to say it.
Mebbe the Datasat but that is not necessarily a useful recommendation since (1) I understand it is a real bear to set up without professional help and (2) the cost of it would better be reallocated to the rest of his system.
Not to mention the fact that someone has compared the datasat to the $40K ADA reference and preferred the latter.
An even more complex install.
what i was looking for for a processor that will go with my adcom GFA 7000 amplifier, i was thinking in terms of a moderately priced processor, like the range of $2,000 to $3,000, my wish list is Theta processor, but out of my budget right now........ just made a bid on a Rotel rsp 1570, would that be a good choice.
Thanks for all your responses.
Almost any processor will mate well with the amp. The (old) 1570 lacks an EQ function but, if it sounds like the 1572 that I reviewed, it is a nice prepro. From the current crop, I would suggest you look at the Marantz 8801 which I have seen, at discount, under $3K or the Integra 80.3 which is even less.
trying to determine the best amplifier to connect to Krell S-1000, sound processor, tried my adcom GFA-7000, but didn't get the best out of the processor the speakers are B&W 683
Drew911, match the amps to your speakers. Any decent prepro will mate well with any decent amp.
I'm not an Adcom fan, and I particularly don't think they work well with B&W. Try something along the lines of Hafler, Bryston, B&K or Parasound.