Need some recommendations for fronts in a 7.1 system in a small 9 by 10 room (1000 budget)

Ive been looking at SVS ultras,JBL 230,JBL 290 and JBL 280s.Ive been viewing Youtube videos by Zeo to get a feel for this.My iMac is connected to Audioengine speakers and a DAC so Ive been able to hear more of speaker sound signature than what comes out of a computer.These  speakers have impressed me the most with the inexpensive JBL 230 seeming to get about 80 % of the way to the Ultras(which Zeo picked as best of 2016)  for 700$ cheaper. The two tower choices seem a bit sibilant and harsh but that could be the quality of user video demos Ive watched on them. In a small room overly bright is fatiguing and not ideal. I will only be watching movies and concerts in this room. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks
Take a look at Aperion Audio.  The center channel is critical in any home theater setup, and their 5C center channel is excellent.  Pair it with their 4T small towers and I think it'd sound great in your room, and you'd be within your budget.  Unlike SVS, which is also great, Aperion uses silk dome tweeters that may be a little less likely to get edgy or harsh in a small room.  I believe they offer a generous trial period as well, which is key.  And customer service is top notch.  Hope this helps and best of luck.