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Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
Above the Clouds by Paul Weller 
I picked up a ROKU, I am wanting to cut the Cable TV cord.
I think I remember somewhere reading that Marantz receivers have some kind of compatibility issue with Roku. Could be wrong but go to AVS Forum to their Roku section and ask the question. I have two Rokus through two separate Yamaha receivers and ... 
My SVS subwoofer will not turn on from auto mode
SVS told me that Yamaha receivers have a low bass signal so I may just have to wake them up manually.It seems that cds played on my Oppo DVD player don't wake  it up. With dvds it seems to wake up sometimes. Im going to buy a dedicated subwoofer c... 
My SVS subwoofer will not turn on from auto mode
If I keep the  setup volume for my sub(half way on gain) and lower it on receiver using subwoofer trim, will that give more power to sub to turn on? Half way gain on the sub is way too much volume for my small room. 
Need some recommendations for fronts in a 7.1 system in a small 9 by 10 room (1000 budget)
Thank You