Need Phono Cartridge for Rega Planar 3

Need recommendation for new cartridge for Rega Planar 3. Currently using very old Audioquest M-1. Also using vintage tube pre-amp so I need either a MM or high output MC. Has anyone tried the Grado Sonata with the Rega? What about the Rega cartridges? Stereophile descriptions of these cartridges don't sound very appealing (accentuates surface noise, aggressive top end etc).
I just bought complete Rega set-up(Planar 25 RB 600 and exact cartridge) and i love it .Rega cartridges are made to work with thier products.I wouldnt hesitate to by a rega cartridge with that table. I hear the Goldrings are nice too. Good luck
I have a rega-25 with a grado platinum This or the sonata would be great sound. You need 1 spacer under the arm base.Audio advisor sold me 2 for 2 bucks.You could make them also.All they are is washers with a larger center hole.Grado cartridges are warm yet detailed with great bass.They throw a huge stage also.Get a platinum!!
bargain time: audio advisor and others are selling AT oc9s for $200. its mc so you need a stepup, there plenty for reasonable. lehmann, musical fidelity, rotel,creek etc.
The Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge isn't far behind a Benz Glider. I've used both...