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Need Phono Cartridge for Rega Planar 3
bargain time: audio advisor and others are selling AT oc9s for $200. its mc so you need a stepup, there plenty for reasonable. lehmann, musical fidelity, rotel,creek etc. 
List or discuss your favorite music
well i just perused this whole list of faves and feel the urge to add to it and comment on some of it. lets start with the self titled "osamu" perhaps best described as japanese jazz fusion with not so much emphasis on the fusion. i have a few ame... 
Turntable Recommendations please.
its nice to have a budget like that. the rega planar 3 is a bargain, great place to start, leaves room for good electrinics for stepup. forget the AT440ML, too hifi, the AT-OC9 at $200 from audio advisor is a bargain, used to retail for 700. the l... 
Quality used amplifier needed
to improve your 555II, try something like an arc preamp. i substituted a sp3a-1 for the 565 and the whole thing opened up. dynamics espewcially. tubes in front of adcoms are highly recommended as far as im concerned. my friend use a counterpoint p... 
Best 2000.00 OR under AMP
regardless of what youve heard, adcom is a great way to go..i have a 555II and it amazes me. substituted an arc sp3a-1 for the 565 pre and MAGIC! the 5 ch amp is reasonably priced for 150wpc. 
Turntable springs!
springs are fine. if you dont have a lot of woofer pumping, then dont mess with the suspension. bright staar makes some air suspended platforms for a moderate amount, a few layers of plastic packing bubbles cut to fit under the table works for me ... 
Recording vinyl to CD/MD for portability
the rega planar 3 is as good as youll need, and the music hall mmf for 300 is just fine. you can start with mmf for reasonable $ and graduate to exceelent when you have more moola. 
Best headphones?
i say check out the grado line of phones, all levels are bargains, i have the 60s with yellow sennheiser 414 pads(grado now supplies them in black as oem)and thy are really very good. worth way more than their price and very comfy. 
Chord vs Spectron
havent heard either amp but have heard good things about chord. on the other hand, john ulrich is a great designer and a pretty nice guy. thats it........ 
Ariston & Grace
hey, ive had two 707s, the first on a technics sl120 table----ok table, and a kenwood kd500------pretty good table in its early days before the white rock aged. the 707 though was a fine arm. every cartridge i put on it sounded as different as the... 
Speakers to beat wife-factor ?
i suggest that you dont beat the wife to incur her acceptance of your speakers 
Amplifiers for Vandersteen 2CE Sigs???
after careful listening, my friend, an m.d. who plays piano in his living room, rejected rowland electronics, and endded up with arc sp9 and classic 60 to run his vandy 2ce spks. true, these arent sigs but the family sound is much the same. the so...