Need Integrated Amp with Moving Coil Input

I am trying to downsize and eliminate s lot of equipment. I have separate amp and preamp Primaluna) and LFD phono stage. I would like to get those three down to just one piece. I have a Harbeth 30.1s and Harbeth P3ESRs. Also Triangle Celius Esw and Dynaudio X12s and Contour 1.1s. Also a pair of AR3As. I like all of my speakers but mainly use the 30.1s. Is there s great integrated amplifier that has a moving coil cartridge input? I am having trouble finding one. A friend recommended Octave and have the MC module installed and that is my best and only recommendation. I like the idea of the Naim with the CD player built in as well and could eliminate my PS audio transport and dac also but it does not have a MC input. Any advice or direction would be great. Thanks.
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Luxman plus external DAC.
I have a PS audio dac and memory transport. I have had the two Luxman pieces I have owned lose channels and had to be repaired. The first one multiple times. Not sure I want to go down that road again unless I get a great deal.
 If you have no MM input but you like your existing piece just purchase a standalone phono stage with both MM and MC 
 I would recommend the Herron 
Call Paul Manos at the Audio Shoppe in Boston and see if he still has the demo Audia Flight FL Three S with the phono stage installed.  Fully adjustable loading from dip switches on the rear panel.
May want to check out the Aesthetix Mimas Integrated. You can add a MM/MC phono card. Excellent power.