Need Integrated Amp with Moving Coil Input

I am trying to downsize and eliminate s lot of equipment. I have separate amp and preamp Primaluna) and LFD phono stage. I would like to get those three down to just one piece. I have a Harbeth 30.1s and Harbeth P3ESRs. Also Triangle Celius Esw and Dynaudio X12s and Contour 1.1s. Also a pair of AR3As. I like all of my speakers but mainly use the 30.1s. Is there s great integrated amplifier that has a moving coil cartridge input? I am having trouble finding one. A friend recommended Octave and have the MC module installed and that is my best and only recommendation. I like the idea of the Naim with the CD player built in as well and could eliminate my PS audio transport and dac also but it does not have a MC input. Any advice or direction would be great. Thanks.
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What is your budget? Do you want to stay with a tube based unit or are you willing to go SS?

Luxman’s integrated all come with MC inputs but none has an internal DAC from what I can tell. Luxman in class A would potentially be a good match if you migrate from tube to solid state, as you may keep warmth and liquidity from your PL preamp.  
BTW,  Primaluna used to offer phono boards for their integrates, which would solve your problem. BUT, the quality of the sound was reportedly mediocre for those boards as they were merely a convenience thing. 

I had two different Creek Integrated that had phono board slots, which would accept MM or MC.  Again, while those amps were great, the boards were above average sounding but not stellar.  

I think I saw a review once that found the big Yamaha integrateds (those that look like Luxman's and priced like them too) had great MC phono stages, but I could be wrong.
LFD makes an integrated with a MC input.  It would match well with your harbeth's.
Or just use the MM input in your existing amp and add an SUT?  Might save you some money and hassle and will probably sound better too.

I had a Luxman 505U and a channel went out. I had a Luxman Power amp in the 80’s and a channel went out. I like the Luxman but am hesitant to go down that road again. I had an LFD Integrated but to me it did not sound good with my Harbeth. I guess I like the tube sound. I also have tried a McIntosh 7900 but the phono was not as good as my LFD phono and the DAC was not as good as my PS Audio. Maybe an all in one integrated that I would like does not exist. I am looking at the Octave V110se that has the optional MC phono that is supposed to sound good and has some of the tube qualities I might like. Even looking at a Naim all in one integrated with CD player (the 7500.00 retail one). The power supply add one kind of confuse me however. A friend recommended a Yamaha but they have never been on my radar. Maybe I need to lower my expectations to get something that will combine everything in one unit.
I am assuming the Mark Levinson 585.5 is out of your budget range.  if someone has one that is used, they are typically in the  $10K range.  Great amp and great phono stage.  If you can make this fit your budge it would be my first choice.  

For the money, the Musical Fidelity M6si has a built in MM/MC phonostage.  It is not going to be as good as a separate but MF has a strong reputation for producing excellent phono stages and their on-board units are better than most in the price range at $3K.

I would also look at the Rogue Audio Pharoah.  It is $3500 and a Class D Hybrid.  I have used one of their Class D power amps for a few years called the Hydra and it is a GREAT sounding amp.  Again, you will do better with an outboard phono stage but they again have a reputation for making great phono stages so the on-board units tend to outperform compared to others.  I will say that the stock tubes will be mediocre and there is a lot to gain by either upgrading to Sophias or NOS tubes.  $3500 plus cost of tubes to roll in if you don't like the stock tubes.  

Full disclosure, I am a Musical Fidelity dealer so I am a hair biased in favor of them.  Generally, they are deemed great units and are a strong value.  I don't think too many people would disagree with my statements above.  I have no relationship with Levinson or Rogue.  
No MM input in my existing amp but I have kicked adding the SUT around. Wouldn’t know where to begin. Any SUT you would recommend?
I have a Rogue Atlas Magnum II right now as well. I hear their Cronus Magnum III has a MC option but honestly my Rogue runs really hot (too hot) compared to my Primaluna. Sounds good as a power amp with my Primaluna Preamp but trying to eliminate individual pieces.
Luxman plus external DAC.
I have a PS audio dac and memory transport. I have had the two Luxman pieces I have owned lose channels and had to be repaired. The first one multiple times. Not sure I want to go down that road again unless I get a great deal.
 If you have no MM input but you like your existing piece just purchase a standalone phono stage with both MM and MC 
 I would recommend the Herron 
Call Paul Manos at the Audio Shoppe in Boston and see if he still has the demo Audia Flight FL Three S with the phono stage installed.  Fully adjustable loading from dip switches on the rear panel.
May want to check out the Aesthetix Mimas Integrated. You can add a MM/MC phono card. Excellent power.
The well respected, powerful and generally excellent sounding Parasound Halo Integrated (I used to own one) has a MC input. I used an external phono amp through so I can’t speak to the quality of the Halo Int phono amp.
Anybody anybody have any experience with the Octave V110se?
It may be helpful if you shared your TT/cart as well so folks can get idea of what direction your analog has taken you.  
Dylanfan, I have the V80se and I love it. I use the battery powered Nagra pho pre and it sounds wonderful. It drives my Magico Q3s in a fairy large room to more than acceptable levels without any strain. I think my MC cartridge has about a .5v output... I think the Octave is very well built and is dead quiet. I know they have a MC phono card but I have not heard it. I suspect it is quite good..
I'm currently using the Octave HP700 pre with the MC module. I know you require an integrated but I thought I'd mention that the phono module is excellent & better than my previous $4k Whest phono stage. 
If you want to go to divorce level Vitus have just released their SIA-030 integrated with optional phono board... 
The Octave sounds great! I might step up to the V80 but it is quite a jump.
i have PS Audio Direct Stream DAC and PS Audio transport. My turntable is VPI Classic with an Ortofon Cadenza Red MC cartridge.

What about a used Accuphase?

How about McIntosh MA8900 ?
Just went down the same path as you but we’ve had different experiences with Luxman reliability.  The new ones at least are built like a tank and just ooze quality.   I’m using a Luxman L-507uxii with a Dynavector Dv20x2L / MHDT Orchid DAC and Harbeth 30.1’s.  
I had the L-550axII a few years ago - nice sound but to me seemed to be lacking in the dynamic range department with the Harbeth’s.  Not the L-
507uxii.  I’ve been in this hobby for a long time and for vocals, jazz, acoustic piano and guitar this is a great match.  
I’m with you on simplifying!  

Thanks steveashe. Yeah the 505U did not sound very good compared to my tubes with the Harbeth and then one of the channels went out. I had it repaired and sold it. Maybe a fluke. I will look at the 507uxii. I really want a simple setup that sounds good. Luxman is definitely on my radar as is the Octave V110se or V80se.

fasteddie199 I have tried the 7900 and it just sounded blah to me. I love the looks and always enticed by the meters etc. but have got rid of every piece I got. Just did not sound good to me.
I had an LFD NCSE that was great with the Harbeths as well.  But you’ll need both a dac and phono stage.  And it doesn’t have a remote control :-(.  Beautiful boutique integrated though.

Who carries Luxman in the USA? I see Music Direct. The ones on Ebay are all from Japan and I think there is a difference with power supply or something. I need a USA compatible version.
Anthem STR Integrated...$4499.00 MC/MM Phono Stage with:

  • Six pre-RIAA curves plus adjustable settings for playing older records accurately
  • Adjustable Rumble filter
  • Complete Analog Bypass if you don't want any active DSP - all configurable in the Input Settings. 
  • Assignable Inputs if you have multiple record labels with different EQ Curves.  Simply change the input according to which record label you're playing.  Ultimately up to 30 virtual inputs total.  
From the owners manual:

Use this with a turntable to reduce or eliminate low-frequency noise below the music spectrum. Rather than rolling off all content including the music, the filter acts only on vertical stylus motions that are inherently not part of the music signal. This is especially effective with warped records that cause excessive or non-musical woofer motion. Select a frequency from 10 to 60 Hz in 1 Hz increments. To disable the filter, select Off.

The Phono EQ, Bass Turnover, Bass Shelf, and 10k De-Emphasis controls allow the proper equalization of records that predate the RIAA equalization standard. If no records in your collection were manufactured before the 1960s, you can skip the rest of this section. To make record grooves manageable, bass is reduced when records are manufactured, while the treble is emphasized. The main function of a phono preamp is to reverse this equalization upon playback, restoring the intended frequency response. The problem is that before the record industry settled on an equalization standard, resulting in the RIAA curve during the 1950s, the amount of reduction and emphasis varied requiring multi-curve phono preamps for proper playback. Today, such phono stages are rare. This means that if a phono stage that was designed for only one kind of record is used to play older mono records, there will be too much treble, midrange, or bass, or not enough of it. These menu settings give you the ability to play all old records with their intended frequency response:

BASS TURNOVER – the frequency at which 3 dB boost occurs. In this example, it is 500 Hz: 10K DE-EMPHASIS – the attenuation at 10 kHz. In this example, it is -13.7 dB: 16 The following curve combines the two above and adds BASS SHELF or boost limit at 20 Hz, which is 20 dB in this example: The graph above represents the RIAA playback curve. Older phono curves use other amounts of bass boost, bass shelf, and treble cut, often expressed in this format: 500R-13.7 where 500 is the bass turnover in Hz, -13.7 is the 10 kHz de-emphasis in dB, and R is the bass shelf according to: N (None), R (20dB), B (18dB), A (16dB), C (14dB), X (12dB). When Convert Analog is set to 32/192, the following Phono EQ options become available: 500R-13.7 (RIAA) 400N-12.3 (AES) 350N-10.5 (CCIR) 500B-16 (NAB) 400N-12.7 (Capitol LP) 500C-16 (Columbia LP) 500C-10.5 (London LP) User Select according to the record that you are playing. For pre-RIAA long-playing records, check whether the jacket indicates “AES”, “CCIR”, “NAB”, etc. You can also check one of several web sites which provide code lists according to record label and year. They can be found by searching the web for 500R-13.7 or playback equalization for 78 rpm shellacs and early 33-1/3 LPs – don’t forget to use a properly sized 78 rpm stylus if playing 78 rpm records. To create or fine-tune any curve, select User and enter Bass Turnover, Bass Shelf, and 10k De-Emphasis according to the code list, or adjust by ear – it’s like using bass/treble controls except that these are specially made ones for phono.

BASS TURNOVER options are None, 150, 180, 200, 250, 280, 300, 350, 375, 400, 450, 500, 600, 629, 700, 750, 800, and 1000 Hz. The 10K DE-EMPHASIS adjustment range is from -25.5 dB to None in 0.1 dB increments. Although the purpose of these controls is to provide the correct response with old records, you might find similar uses, for example to brighten a muffled-sounding stereo LP, or to add weight to a thin-sounding one. This is fine as long as extreme settings that would result in overload or a distorted sound are avoided. Each virtual input stores its own curve settings. This way, you can create multiple profiles for your turntable input, each using a different curve according to the records in your collection.
Schiit Mani at $129 is a FANTASTIC deal.  It accepts MM/MC with selectable impedances.  It plays like a $2000 MC preamp.
I know nothing about Anthem. I will check it out. thanks /cbrents73
Love the simplicity and the sound of my Peachtree Nova 300, killer DAC and 300wpc
Love the simplicity and the sound of my Peachtree Nova 300, killer DAC and 300wpc
Any SUT you would recommend?
dylanfan, at risk of sounding like a cliché there are no bad SUTs.  They all sound good, some more and some less according to your ears.  As long as you match the loading and gain requirements for the specific MC cartridge(s) you intend to use.

I use several cartridges so have more than one SUT, including Ortofon, Bob's Devices (a great all round choice) and a couple of custom and vintage units.  All great, but not all great with every cartridge.
USA / CanadaLuxman America

Luxman America Inc. 27 Kent Street Suite 105A Ballston Spa NY 12020 USA

[email protected]


I use several cartridges so have more than one SUT

That's why I bought the Zesto Allasso SUT.  It's so flexible that I cant imagine ever having to buy another.  It should be able to accomodate whatever cart I ever contemplate in the future.  Flexibility should be a huge consideration in selecting a SUT IMO.
My dealer Audio/Video Therapy in Nashua NH carries a full line of Luxman gear. He also loans out the Integrated's to be demo'ed at home.
Thanks Luxmancl38. I will check them out.
I found the Luxman 505ux to be a great match for Harbeth SHL5s. And the Phono MM/MC quite good. 
What about Croft integrated phono with Phasemation SUT and Harbeth 30.1....
That's what I use and love it
Thanks boazro1. I will check it out. Right now I am leaning toward the Luxman 509x.
clicks all the boxes so far yet never heard it. Hopefully get to hear the 507XII next week so I can get some kind of an idea.
There is the Copland CTA408. Looks like quite a competent integrated amplifier. 
Thanks Ttownscott I will check out the Copland.
Check out Esoteric. I have the F-05 and it works well with my Rega and the apheta II Mc cart.
Who in the USA carries Copland? Looks promising. Sent an email to Canada distributor but nothing back yet.
Been reading about the Copland CTA408. Looks great! Anybody have one or heard it in person?
LKV Research (Verito-1) has a nice integrated with mc input. I've heard it with harbeth. Only knock for some would be it's ncore. Certainly sounded good, not quite on the level as some tube gear. Harbeths do like some juice and it provides it in spades!
You might like the Rogue Pharaoh. I love mine. Has a very nice phono stage, mm/mc with ample gain and loading options. 
Thanks Jughead.
do you know a good dealer for that amp?