Need Help with Cable/Interconnect Recommendations

Hi, I have some fairly nice equipment and am interested in learning your thoughts on speaker connects and interconnects. Currently am using 16 gauge speaker wire and cheap RCA connects. My equipment:

Macintosh Electronics Amps/AV, Macintosh Source SACD,Rotel Phono stage, VPI Scout, Blackbird Cartrgidge, B&W 802N.

I have not purchased anything to date due to wasn't sure of my set-up location, but am ready to make the plunge. I have also talked with some who think cables and speaker connects are overpriced and overated. Looking for your help and don't want to spend a mint, but looking to better the phonics if that is possible. Your suggestions?
I just went through this process for the first time in 10 years and did a combination of buying used, new, or highly discounted new. I ended up with Nordost Red dawn ICs, purchased a new digital IC and PC from VH Audio for what I think is a good value for the money, and got a couple of PS Audio Xtreme Statement PCs new on auction for my PS Audio power conditioners.

As for speaker cables I am buying new Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity and Python Hybrid Bi-wire. I will compare those with my existing XLO and see what happens. These speaker cables have a 30 day return policy. There are many other cable companies out there offering the same so why not take advantage of it to do some testing. I have a couple more PCs to buy. Looking at used Virtual Dynamics and Electraglide, maybe new VH Audio Airsine.
You bought a $100,000 dollar car don't put 4 for $100 tires on it.
Thanks for the input so far. What about purchasing used? Does that make sense and do most people try that route. I am just not sure of what bang for buck I am going to receive by getting better speaker connections or interconnects. Based on my gear, what would a reasonable sum be for say the speaker connects?

I agree with Rsjm80, very good gear that will sound terrific with the right wiring which will be based on your personnal taste and synergy with your equipment. You really have to audtion different wires in your own system to truly discover whats best for your ears. Therefore, keeping the above stated viewpoint in mind, I would recommend you audtion Acoustic Zen wires, which have many sonic virtues at a very reasonable price. Either the Silver reference II or the Matrix reference II for ICS, and Satori for your speaker wire. Hope this helps.
Buy pre-owned brand name products such as Audience, Acoustic Zen, Cardas that can be sold easily if you are not satisifed with their performance.
Wow, nice equipment! I would say that IC and Sp upgrades will make a big difference for you but I also would seriously steer you tword vibration conrtol as well. The change in your sound will startle you when you also turn to vibration control but I'm deviating. from reading the postings Signal Cable has a very attractive line, if you want to go father I would contact Robert @ Ridge Street Audio, he can system match cables to your specific system and the result is great! as you also pass the IC/Sp you might also want to explore the benefits of upgrading you pcs as well but take thimgs SLOW and give yourself a change to eveluate the changes as you move on, in this instance patience will be the virture. great success in your journey as we all have diferent opinios.