need help spending money

or on what speakers, actually. looking for suggestions on rear monitors and sub(or 2) to go with totem signature model 1 front and center monitor with denon 3805, denon 3910. room is about 25x20x14, mostly hard wood floors, used for music and movies, about 60:40. looking for a faast, accurate sub, don,t necessarially need the boom. I have about 2000 to spend and definitely would consider used equipt.
thanks for any suggestions
that's a big room. i would probably call some of the manufactures of subs and get their input.some manufactures only suggest one sub for peak performance ex: REL SUBWOOFERS. i agree with you looking used as there are great deals to be had on this site that dealers cannot even come close to. as far as your rear channel i probably would ask totem what they think and would recommend. i think you are always better to use the same speaker manufacture for fronts,center and rear. the sub is a different story and to small a sub can be a real issue with the size of your room. with your dimensions i will tell you to rule out anything from a REL STADIUM or below as my room is close to yours and REL told me that this sub was to small and not to use two to make up the difference. i hope this helps you out.

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