Am I spending too much money?

I know the sky is the limit and one can spend countless dollars. My question involves some economy and not a limitless bank account./

After years of searching I finally have a speaker setup I like and think is a great deal unless I spend a lot more money - triple - for my listening room of 12 x 11 x 8ftceilings

GME Europa original not max and sunfire true sub mark II

I won't get into the myriad of systems I have tried over the years unless asked. But this setup is unobtrusive - sounds real both in the bass and mids and while I have had silkier mids and sharper highs they haven't been in this kind of tonal balance and clarity. So for now I am happy here.

So I wan't to get an amp/preamp/integrated amp and am considering the Mark Levinson 383. But am wondering for the same $3.5k used am I missing the point and could get a lot more bang for my buck. If the 383 at that price in my setup will be top shelf sonic nirvana and it is the minimum entry $$$ level point for top shelf then fine. I want to spend the $3.5k but If I can get BETTER perfromance from say a BAT vk-3i $1,200 used and a whatever amp at $1,500 used then I'm ahead a lot and got BETTER SOUND.

So I suppose the bottom line is for $3.5 with the speakers I have and since I like convenience a SONY-CDPM55ES player (yes - 400 disc carousel - top of the line ES. If apple is getting away with MPEG on iPods will a $1,500 used cd player be all that??? over the Sony? - OK if that is the case then a preamp / power amp / cd player combo for my speaker system at $3.5k.
If I had that budget, I would get a pair of Green Mountain Audio Callisto's, and a decent used amp. I live in the same town as Green Mountain Audio (Colorado Springs) and have heard most of Roy's offerings. The Callisto's are truly wonderful speakers. You might find you don't need that subwoofer anymore.

I like JD's suggestion of losing the sub, and moving up to the Callisto's. As far as amplification, I'm happy I made the switch to a good integrated... I previously had less than stellar luck with amp / preamp combo's of YBA 3 series & BAT VK 200 amp(good) and VK30 preamp(not impressed). If I were in the market for an integrated I'd also be looking at the VAC Avatar in addition to the M. Levinson 383. As far as CDP's, I just picked up the old Sony Flagship XA7ES and am thrilled (approx. $850 used).
I am not sure if the Callisto would be all serving without a sub, but those are some really great speakers!
Here is my 2 cents.

Buy yourself a Krell 400 IL or 300IL intergrated. It is a better sounding unit and you can buy one used for about $1700 or $1800.
etbabys suggestion is a good one.
The sad truth is once you're bitten by the high end bug, spending money is never too much. I can spend $10K on product that I thought "bang for the buck".
Awesome responses thanks! So a better CD player can be a worthwhile bargain hunting pleasure. The Krell 400 IL or 300IL kick it over Levinson's 29 & 383 \ performance and price wise; and...The Callisto.

Re: CD player~
I will ultimately consider a stand alone CD player that will be built to last and is class A. I'm fearing CD is on the way out within the next decade, maybe? i.e. I used to have the SONY 200 Top of the line Multi Carousel 200 disk changer 90ES. It was replaced by the model I now have the 555ES which was half the cost. The 90 was superior in that you could program song titles as well as alblum names and artist. Plus I think it was a bit smoother maybe.

Re:~ Speakers
I am sure with all the design innovations especially for double ported bass right? They are awesome but at even used for $2,500 I'm thinking there are better choices. Even if one were to patiently wait for a bargain on a GMA floorstander will get down to the high thirties without sub.

Re:~ Levinson 383
I am going to check out the Krell 400 IL or 300IL now see what they are about. You guys are the coolest/.
Finding the right audio system is like trying to find the right wife.Do your research,find out what YOU like, and then close your eyes and pray.
Benn doing that my whole life BUT I've feel I've reached the point where there is no subjectivity. With todays technology you can truly get EVERYTHING and if you shop wisely with the aid of others help and experince it can be had at a reasonable price. Yes I suppose we could argue about that last 3% the $$$ systems all top shelf cost and production. BUT I feel you can pay three times as much and get a system with a 75% rating and love it but then hear the system costs a third as much rates 96%. i.e. there IS a price/performance crossover point where spending more doesn't get you more performance. I guess what I want is the cheapest Stereophile Class A system. Krell looks nice in black but the Rowland looks better built now I have to listen to some.