Need help on HT speaker system

Have a B&K AVR505 A/V Receiver. My TV is a Samsung 61" DLP projection HDTV. Need help on speakers and what else I might need for this system. I love music and my husband loves TV and movies. I have only one room and want something that sounds great with both music and movies. My budget is anything around $2,500.00. Any suggestions?
Paradigm speakers all the way. You will also need good interconnects and speaker wire, and there are too many options for 1 person to name, but your Paradigm dealer can help.

I'd recommend you stick with their reference line for the front 3 speakers. The Studio 40s or 60s for mains, and CC470 for center channel. You might be able to get away with one of their 'lower' line subwoofers and I'd definitly buy someting like the Mini Monitor or Monitor 3 for the rears. Doing that should keep you within or close to budget, and have great quality for music and movies.

m- (I'm in no way associated with Paradigm; I just think they make good stuff for the money)
I am jealous!! I have a B&K 7 channel amp and the Ref30, driving Snell XA75's and SR5's for rear channel. All I'm missing is the big format tv. How do you like the Samsung?
I second the Paradigm recommendation. If you don't mind buying "previously loved" speakers, you can snag a set of Studio 80s or 100s for the front L/R, a Studio CC for the center (matches better to the fronts than the CC450), and some Studio 20s or the dipoles for the rears. IMHO, the Studio 80s & 100s do not need a subwoofer, they do a fine job on the bottom end.

Take a look on this site, you'll find everything you need for less than $2500....

I agree with Paradigm. I think the 60's are a nice speaker. My bet is you would want the best center channel Paradigm makes. If you purchased the smaller center make sure you listen to it with the 60's (or whatever). I had the 60's with the smaller center and didn't like it at all. I eventually had to upgrade.

Those are the three most important speakers. I would spend as little as I could get away with on the rear surrounds and fill in the rest of budget with the sub.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the information! I love the Samsung! The pictures is awesome! Very very close the a plasma, but for l/2 the price.... and since is a digital light source projection - it really doesn't have any burn in for other problems associated with plasma.
Well I have my system set up and it's AWESOME! I got the B&K remote switching everything (had to get some help on that) and it is doing a great job. I bought the Paradigm speakers from Fred's Sound of Music in Portland, OR. as there was only one place in Seattle that sold that brand. Spencer was most helpful at Fred's and I ended up driving down there to get my goodies. I got the REF40, CC470 Center and PW1100 sub. I cannot believe the sound that comes from them - it just gets better and better. Thanks everyone for your help! My system exceeds my expectations!