need help choosing line condtioner

I have three amplifiers that consume almost 2000 watts. My adcom ACE-515 is only rated at 750 watts and only has two outlets. I was considering buying another adcom but my Parasound HCA-1500A uses 1000 watts. My other amps are Rotel RB-991 (550 watts consumption) and Rotel RB-956AX (400 watts consumption). IS there a line conditioner that will not limit the power needed by these amps and still have enough outlets for 8 source componets, preamp, tv, etc? Will it have sequenced power up? And here is the college budget will only allow me to spend $500. What should I do? Thanks.
Vansevers "Unlimiter". The name sais it all. The Chang Lightspeed CLS9900AMP if very good also. For under $500 they would have to be used, if that is OK.
The Tice line conditioners are great. I think the Tice Solo A/V can handle 1875 watts and has 8 hospital-grade outlets; it can be had for about $200 used or $400 new. Better yet, pick up one of the original Tice Powerblocks (the current version is III C, but the older versions are nearly as good in terms of functionality but for much less money in the used market). There is an A'gon ad (not mine) for an old Powerblock for $399, which would be a steal if it's still avaliable (16 outlets I think).
If you have a budget and want better sound, do dedicated outlets-you will get far better results doing this then any conditioner. The only one that I care for is the Shunyata Hydra (which is a little over budget) and it can have a very negative effect on the PRaT of your system-so in home demo is a required. But if I were you I would do dedicated outlets first, and then think about a conditioner.
Dedicated lines for a college student in a rental situation is not a likely prospect. Go with a Chang 9900 Amp (30 amps capacity) for the PA's & then a smaller lower-curent source component unit for the rest; perhaps the Chang 6400 Iso.
Consider Virtual Dynamics power cords. The power conditioner is built in. They also have a 30 day return policy if you don't like them.

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I live in an apartment and use a 3000W ONEAC isolation transformer. I also have a Tice A/V Solo, but it's not a good idea to plug my amp to it.

You can get a *big* isolation transformer in eBay, but it is going to be 220V in for what you want it...

Sedond is using two VE unlimiters and is happy with them. I would try good power cords (whatever design, no debates here...) and also try a Highwire Wirewrap. For $25 it's worth a try--I have one to help my power amp and it smoothens sound by removing RF grunge.

Going to parallel filtration is also a good idea--as well as getting some surplus isolation transformers for your digital gear.
The Blue Circle BC85.1 is a great line conditioner. The unit retails for around $800. See if you can pick one up used. You won't be disapointed.
The Welborne Labs Gatekeeper ( is excellent, inexpensive, and doesn't get in the way of the music. Works great on video too.
Jena labs has there new line conditioner available now, but no pricing on there web site yet. I have yet to see anything from Jena that is less then excellent.
i tend to agree with tireguy. i'll never use a hydra, though, because prat is very important to me.

here's what naim has to say about power conditioners:

i use the strip of which they speak and have no problems whatsoever.

one day i'll be doing a dedicated circuit as well.
I second the Tice recommendation by Mcmanus. The build quality is superb on the Tice stuff.
I've tried the PS Audio HC UO (w/dedicated lines), and it just sucked the life right out of the music when used for the amps (Rogue Magnums). I'm keeping the amps plugged right into the wall for a while (forever?).

Audio tekne from Japan is excellent. I have everything including amps plugged into it. I can't read the Japanese but I do know the voltage remains at a steady 120. You can email me for further info