Need copper speaker cable recommendations $300 ish

Hi everyone.

I know I just asked about copper cables and what it takes to make a good one, but I would also like to know what copper speaker cables around $300 (6-7 ft) are out there worthy of recommending. My setup is on desktop with a coaxial speaker using seas L12RE/XFC driver and a digital integrated amp which is fully digital and do not require a DAC but sounds analogue, have many eq filters that stuns people for its natural sounds just out in S Korea. I have not received the amp yet, but the speaker manufacturer told me that I probably want to avoid silver/hybrid cables as it can make sound harsh on high notes, so high grade copper speaker cables they recommended. What are some good copper speaker cables available in the US? I know OCC coppers are good, Audio Envy SP 9 are great, some Neotech 3004 mk2 variants also good, but that is about it. Thanks a bunch in advance!

Make your own. Neotech UP-OCC 14 gauge copper in PTFE at Parts Connexion.

Audio Envy is very good.Dueland or Neotech if you want to make your own.
This is a little more than what you want to spend but Chris at makes some well reviewed cables.

There’s also Zu Audio speaker cables that are a steal at the prices they’re asking for on eBay:

Both make their own cables from scratch. There’s more out there so take your time and then decide.

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