Long XLR interconnect recommendations needed

There is a thread on 5M RCA IC recently.

I am in similar boat, but slightly different at the same time. Need 6 to 7 meter XLR between my SF Line 3SE & BAT VK-75SE. Currently using a 3 meter AQ Diamond X3 and would like to move my components far away from amp. Like the AQ, but it can be a little smoother on top with my SF Amati.

Like to keep it under $1k new or used.

Did hear Stu's Mas Grey on my system, not quite as detail or refine as my AQ, but far cheaper.

Wondering if VH Audio's DIY silver IC will be OK without shielding since I am running XLR. Won't be able to wrap around teflon tubes given the length I need.

What other choices do I have?
Well, I use a 8-meter run of Goertz Micropurl between my BATVK30 and VK500. No complaints, and it's priced competitively. Should come in around $500 or so. Buy some bulk Micropurl and solder the XLR's on yourself... or have Goertz do it. Real friendly, helpful people.

Good luck, Jeff
I have a pair of shielded 6 meter Discovery Signature ICs that you can purchase. They are a bit smoother on top like you are looking for. You will have to solder on XLR connectors. Let me know if you are interested.
I also used Stu's mas gray interconnect in a 4 meter length and decided to try his new Signature cable. As good as I thought the gray was in my system, especially for the dollars spent, the Signature was a treat. A bit more analogue like with a touch more extention in the bottom.
Before you spent your limit of $1000 or so I would opt for the Sig's. Just the opinion of a very satisfied customer.
would suggest the discovery plus4 (reference quaility with awesome bass and a silky top end)

this cable has been well reviewed in the tas, stereophile, reviewers systems, as well as online.

joe at discovery is a gentleman that has great cables and his prices are more than reasonable.

another one is the fatwyre xlo "oh-no". it is a little more revealing than the discovery.

hope that helps,