Need your recommendations for amazing recordings

I love Jazz and classical music. Winton Marsalis, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, Yo Yo Ma, and so on. I am looking for extraordinary recordings of amazing musicians in this genre. I love when the instruments and vocals come to life. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.
Holly Cole Trio, Melody Gardot, Gretchen Lieberum.
What I'll play to show my system and for personal preference. Preview at Amazon. Happy listening!
Patricia Barber albums are all well recorded.
Two unusually fine recordings:

Valerie Joyce, "New York Blue"

Medeski, Martin and Wood, "Tonic"

Weirdly, both with fine Hendrix covers.

Patty Griffin Children Run Through
Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues.(w/Taj Mahal) Outstanding! Cd and DVD of session. Read in another thread somewhere that this was heard playing in a CES demonstration room.
I like these. Good performances and recordings.

Jazz in an R&B groove -SACD- various artists
Autumn Leaves - Nat Adderley Sextet
Bach Concertos - Julia Fischer / St Martinin the Fields
The Four Seasons - Fabio Biondi
Swiss Movement - Les McCann & Eddie Harris
Beethoven' 9th - Wiener/Bohm/norman/domingo/fassbaender
Beethoven's 5th&7th - wiener/kleiber - sacd or redbook
Allen Toussaint "The Bright Mississippi". Tradition N'Awlins jazz beautifully played and strikingly recorded.
I heartily agree on the audio quality of Patricia Barber's jazz recordings. I have all her CDs and love her work, but if you don't know her work, be aware that she's not for everybody. In comparison, Melody Gardot's recordings (which also have excellent sound) are much more mainstream, likely to appeal to just about anybody. Incidentally, Gardot has a new CD coming out in a few weeks. Another particularly well recorded female vocal jazz/easy listening CD in my collection is Jane Monheit's Taking a Chance on Love. She has quite a lovely voice.

For my money, the best female jazz vocalist of all time is Sarah Vaughan. I have two pricey JVC XRCD recordings by Sarah ("Crazy and Mixed Up" and "How Long Has This Been Going On"). Both are excellent. Although not pricey and not "hi res", there are two Vaughan CDs on the Roulette label ("Sarah + 2" and "After Hours") that are quite possibly her best work, and the sound quality is very good.

As for jazz that's all instrumental, I can recommend several CDs on the FIM (or LIM) label; though pricey, I don't think you can go wrong with anything on that label. The ones I have are "Jazz at the Pawnshop", four by the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio ("Midnight Sugar", "Autumn in Seattle", "What a Wonderful Trio", and "Misty"), and "Super Triango". The last is Tango music (piano, accordian, and violin with cello added on a couple of tracks). I've always hated accordian, but on Super Triango I absolutely love it. The performance and sound quality on Super Triango is a revelation. The seventh FIM disc in my collection, which is both instrumental and vocal, is "Ella and Louis."

I don't spend nearly as much time listening to classical, but one that's been around for quite awhile and has always been very highly regarded is the solo piano "Nojima plays Liszt" on Reference Recordings. It was recently reissued as an HDCD, but I found no perceptible sonic difference between the original and the HDCD reissue.
Penumbra by The Bennie Maupin Ensemble
Early Reflections by The Bennie Maupin Quartet
Blackbird by Siri's Svale Band (OOP)
Touch by John Klemmer MFSL Gold CD
Stranger Than Fiction by The John Surman Quartet
GZ3827 -
Melody Grdot about to release her 4th! Yippee!!

Thanks for the heads up...I have her first 3 releases and luv em all! As said, all quality recordings as well.
Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley
Rachelle Ferrell - First Instument
Thanks foe all of the great recommendations. Now it is time to go spend some money :)
Check out any of the Stockfisch vinyls. All sound great IMO. Sara K is my personal favorite on that label but they have some classical and jazz too. I'm almost sure you'd like any of them you tried.
You will like Melody Gardot. All of it.
I'm glad someone mentioned Eva Cassidy. You might also try Anne Hampton Calloway's "Blues in the Night". A little farther out but very good female vocalist is Dave's True Story. I recommend there "Sex Without Bodies" and "Unauthorized".
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Holly Cole, Romantically Helpless album. Not only great performances by Ms. Cole, but also a delightful song selection and top job by her session musicians. Highly recommended.
Then you got to get Bill Evans...his music is out of this world...Waltz for Debby, Explorations and Undercurrent...if you are interested in vinyl pressings go to japanese or analogue production...that should be good for start...exept if you already have his masterpieces...
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