Need B&W match for Krell KAV300i amp

Need others' experience/knowledge picking the right B&W to match the Krell KAV300i integrated amp/pre amp. Cables: Cardas Cross. Other component: Cambridge Audio CD Player (CD 6).

If not familiar with the amp., characteristics: aggressive (150 wpc over 8 ohms and 300 wpc over 4 ohms); instrument panning from right to left is not smooth; the treble is clean and "airy," but the bass really "slams" and is also prominent.

Looking for B&W to enhance best qualities of the amp. Speaker qualities: with soft dome tweeter, darker, tuned down cross over, with strong mid bass. Since KAV is "bright", probably need to avoid speaker with treble emphasis.

Constraints: Needs to be B&W (for now) and budget is <=$2,000.

Thanks in advance for the expertise here...
I had B&W 802 III with the 300i and 250cd and it was great. If you are looking at the latest B&W's, I would consider the CDM-9NT or 805N with possibly a sub later.
how about a used set of 802s (pre-nautilus)?
I was using an the 300i on a pair of 805 matrix's for awhile and it was wonderful. Then I purchsed a pair of 802 III's and the little Krell just didn't have enough guts. The 802 matrix's are really power hungry. It was replaced by a Proceed HPA and its a real sweet combination. The 300i for now powers my 805 surrounds for home theatre
Good luck!
Hello, Good job picking out the proper cable for the krell gear. I would say you should buy a pair of N805 there is a pair on agon now for 1,400 or best offer and then you would have 600 to buy a used sub of some sort. Thats the way I would go. The new series b&w sound better with the krell than the old 800 series. I still love the old 800 series. I had all but the 801s. I have N803s and they are superb. Remeber n805s with a sub sound much better than a pair of n804s. Good Luck
The 805s are too revealing and dry to pair with the 300i. If new, the CDM series is your best bet.
don't waste your money on the N805's, unless all you care abut is HT. If you're into the music, you need at least the N804's, which are superb. the 805's are really just monitors, not "full range". to step up in anything better is going to cost much more. the bw9nt is ok, but not as good as the 804.
I use a pair of the older B&W Concept 90 CM1/CM2 speakers
in a bedroom system driven by a Krell KAV 300R receiver and
the the sound is detailed and warm with plenty of bass response. These speakers are getting hard to find, but are
usually very affordable ($500-600) when they show up.
Maybe a cd player upgrade first?