Need assistance in selecting an integrated/power amp.

I have the Marantz AVA and the MM8077 (For HT 7.1). My room is fully insulated and is 11 feet x 22 feet. I use the Oppo BDP-95 as the source, and speakers are JBL L Studio Series ( L890 as mains, LC2 as the Centre, L830 as the surround and the Bose 301’s as the Surround Back) Yes, I do understand that I need to upgrade my speakers and I was considering the Polk LSiM 707 and Polk RTiA9 as I like my music to be tight and Puchy (not boomy). Any suggestions?

I need your opinion and assistance in choosing an amp and TT. Should I go in for a power or integrated? My budget for the amp is 3000. I was considering the Marantz PM-14S1 and the NAD M22. For the TT my budget is 1500 and I was considering the Marantz TT-15S1 or the Rega Planar RP3.

I live in India and the prices here are at a 15 to 20% Premium at least and it’s very difficult to get high end audio. It’s also almost impossible to do trials at home before I can buy and therefore I was hoping if you could narrow down the options for me and then maybe I could then try and give them a listen at a dealers place.

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This is an easy choice..

If you buy just a power amp, your still stuck using the Marantz pre/pro as your preamp and even in so called "pure direct" mode, the preamp in HT equipment is just a mere afterthought. 

So go for the integrated instead.   The stereo preamp section in PM14S1 is far superior than the one in your Marantz pre/pro.  With its true 4 ohm rating it will drive most speakers out there and with its "Power Amp Direct" feature, it allows for  seamless integration into your current HT system.   And since your going to add a TT, its phono stage is excellent too.

BTW, I think the Marantz TT-15S1 with its Clearaudio Virtuso Ebony cartridge is a fine choice.  It would be hard to find a better combo at this price. 
I'd strongly suggest upgrading the speakers first, then find the amp that will best drive them and sound best to you in combination.  Best of luck. 

I currently own an Anthem I225. I just picked it up for $900 last week. It is a beast. It also has a phono preamp on board, headphones and a tone defeat. It had been in production for over a decade and was the only Integrated amp in the Anthem line up. Its rated at 225 watt into 8 ohms/310 into 4 ohms. I can tell you that it will drive most speakers with ease! Very musical amplifier and non fatiguing. After recently speaking to an Anthem dealer I found this artical.

"...Canada’s venerable high-end audio manufacturer has re-entered the two-channel space in a major way with the introduction of the new STR Integrated Amplifier. Anthem says that the STR Integrated Amplifier is features an entirely new platform and amplifier technology. The STR Integrated replaces the venerable Integrated 225 that has graced Anthem’s lineup for a decade. Anthem made the announcement today at CEDIA.

A major aspect of the STR Integrated amp is Anthem’s renowned Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) for the two-channel music. Integrated amplifiers have been traditionally abandoned by companies and left without the benefits of high end room correction. Now, with the inclusion of ARC, two-channel listeners are now able to optimize their listening experience and achieve the very best sound experience possible in their room with the ability to target specific frequencies based on ARC’s sophisticated room correction software.

We’ve had exceptional experience with ARC and consider it one of the best room correction solutions out there not only in terms of what it does but also what it doesn’t attempt to do. ARC focuses on the frequencies under 5kHz, which are non-directional and the most important to EQ. Users have the ability to tailor the frequencies that ARC targets through the ARC software.

Moreover, the STR Integrated Amplifier allows you to connect two subwoofers and bass manage both. The subs can be used in either mono or stereo configurations. An analog direct mode bypasses everything for a purist approach.

Anthem says that the STR Integrated Amplifier features inputs for moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges. Also included is a high-resolution pre-amplifier section and high current, high output amplifier section. Anthem says there are eight bipolar output devices per channel, massive toroidal power supply, and Anthem’s Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) for 225W at 8 ohms, 400W at 4 ohms, and 600W at 2 ohms, all with both channels continuously driven. It’s unclear at this point if the preamp section shares any similarity with the MRX/AVM 60 platform or if is entirely new and customized for specifically for the new integrated amplifier.

The DAC section features S/PDIF, AES/EBU inputs, as well as Asynchronous USB with support for USB, which supports 32-bit/384 kHz PCM, and DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz sources. The DAC section appears to offer a few advancements over the one found in the MRX and new AVM 60 models, which do not have an AES/EBU input. The amplifier featuring a stunningly beautiful front Thin Film Transistor (TFT™) display for an improved, high-resolution image compared to traditional LCD displays.

Anthem’s STR Integrated Amplifier is one of the few integrated amplifiers that can be fit into custom installation settings and controlled via high-end systems. The system comes with built-in ethernet and RS-232

Anthem says that the STR Integrated Amplifier is priced at $4,499 (US MSRP) and is the first of a new suite of premium two-channel / stereo products from Anthem. The STR Integrated will be available exclusively at Anthem dealers in early 2017..."


Thanks Paraneer. I've heard great this about the AV8802A's pre amp and how well it was suited to hi fi audio and that was one of the reasons I bought it. So you're saying that the pre amp section in most Integrated's will be better than Marantz's flagship pre amp? i guess I will have to go in for a pre amp then. Any idea if there is a new Marantz integrated amp out soon? 

Thanks nutty!! The Anthem STR sound great but it's out of my budget for now considering I have to keep money aside for the speakers. Any recommendations on speakers? 

Thanks people!!

What is your budget for speakers? Floor standing or stand mounted?

It's around 3000 US. Can push it to 3,500. 
Seriously, how can anyone recommend a pair of speakers for usd 3000-3500?  There a literally dozens to choose from and they all sound different.  What sounds best to one person may sound terrible to you.  This is the one component that you must hear for yourself.

Giving guidance on electronics is easy compared to speakers.  You asked a clear question in the title of your thread - should I get an integrated amp or a power amp to be added to my HT system.  You have gotten good guidance but have now sidetracked into asking about speakers. 

And while I agree that speakers should be chosen first and then an amp that will properly drive those speakers, you will find asking for recommendations for speakers are often meaningless.  We don't know what kind of sound you like or even what brands are available in India.  So suggest you go out and audition a few, tell us what you heard and then we can go back to the electronics discussion and let you know if the integrated or power amps you are considering are up to the task.
I recently heard a Belles Aria integraed ($1,900) with Vandersteen Treo speakers ($6,900). It was an awesome combination. Very impressive!
I know that is over your budget of about $6,000 combined; but I think the Aria is a very, very good value and should sound great with Vandersteen Model 2CE, or whatever model you can afford.

If you don't like the Vandersteen sound, and not everyone does, I would look in to ELAC and SVS. I've heard the SVS Prime Tower and enjoyed it very much. My favorite with my Rotel integrated are Canton Ergos.
Thank you all for your time and your suggestions. I'll audition them if i can find them.  I am now seriously considering the Parasound A21 and Golden Ear Triton 1 amongst others like the Castle Avon 5 etc. I will have to travel to Mumbai for a demo though :(