Who makes an "Auto-Selecting" DAC?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have enough switches to flick and knobs to adjust... and that's before I get to my stereo.

I'm currently running both my CD Transport (via Coax) and iTunes Library (via Airport>Toslink) through a Channel Islands VDA-1. I don't know if this was by design, but the little sucker can detect which input is driving and pass that signal through (and will default to Coax if both are hot).

Very convenient...

I'll be overhauling my system and would like to start auditioning other sub 1K DACS... I'm wondering which ones A'goners have found & loved that have this "Auto-Select" capability (note: the next gen CI DAC now uses an input toggle).


Rob, I don't know of any others that do this and personally am not sure if I would like this feature. But that is my preference. Just out of curiosity, why do you want to get rid of the CIAudio DAC? What about it are you not happy with? I only ask as I am considering getting a DAC for a Slim Devices Duet.
My Musical Fidelity XDAC V3 is auto selecting. Not sure about the new one.
Check out the MSBs. I have the impression that this was an option with them.

Ckoffend... I am very happy with the CI Audio DAC and highly recommend it to anyone searching in the price range. My only motivation is an increasing desire to adopt system tweaking as a hobby... for better or worse... maybe even start building some components from a kit (have my eye on a Mapletree headphone amp).

This is partially spurred on by a significant component upgrade I'm undertaking... so I'm kind of caught up in the euphoria of it all and probably need to come down from the rush before I do something silly.

Having said that... it's nice not to have to switch yet another component... less explain said procedure to someone else.
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