Need advice on a very dynamic, full range speaker?

Presently considering the following - Legacy Focus, VA Mahler, Infinity MTS and Paradigm S8. Have only had a chance to hear the Focus and S8 at this point and liked both. Entire front end will be Krell. Anyone have any thoughts on these or other speakers that may fit the bill? Would love to keep the outlay to around 4-5K and will probably look for used.
I would suggest trying the Tyler Acoustic Linbrook one pcs. system.. They sound great and you can purchase from Ty used with warranty and return policy if not satified, but i think you will like them very well.. Another great speaker to try would be the Reimer Tetons .. The dealer at Clearsound that carries the Reimer is Neil and is a great peson to talk too.. I have heard the Legacy Focus , which are great speakers , but i would recommend the other two or them..
Von Schweikert DB-99, read my post in the Vandie/DB-99 comparison thread.

At one time I had all Krell electronics (KSA 250s, HRC, 300 CD player) and Talon speakers sounded great. Very lively and dynamic. Give it a try.
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 for about 5500 used. These speakers are also very efficient.
If you have at least 200 watts I would recommend the Aerial 8B. They have been replaced by the 9 but Aerial still has a few pairs left(I am thinking about getting another pair). The 8B is down 2 db at 28 hz but it feels like they go even lower. They are big and heavy but can fill a room without strain. The B version has much tighter bass than the original. They are not a flashy speaker and do not call attention to themselves. I use mine for 2 channel and theater. They can shake the walls if you feed them enough power. I use 1000 watt Mac monos. I have never worried about blowing them up; a rare trait, in true audiophile speakers.
Thiel, Sonus Faber,and Avalon Acoustics come to mind all work well with Krell electronics.

If you want dynamics, you have to check out JM Lab Electra speakers. They have good efficiency which will allow you to get much more dynamics than most power-hogs can muster. There are three sizes available depending on your room. But there are many good choices - you won't get anywhere asking here. Just buy and try what you feel like.
Seems like I have contributed to three or four threads about Mahlers in the past week.

If you want to learn about the Mahlers, I suggest you go to the website of Vienna Acoustics' U.S. distributor, Sumiko, and read the Anthony Cordesman review for Audio and Robert Deutsch review for Stereophile ( I have owned Mahlers since early 2001 and find those two reviews to be pretty accurate based upon my own experience with the speakers.

I would add that they must be used in a big room, with a high-current solid-state amp (preferably using bi-polar output transistors for maximum speed) and very careful choice of speaker cables. Of the amps he tried, Cordesman found they worked best with a 350 watt Krell amp.

I really like the Mahlers, preferring them in a lot of ways to my Revel Salons.
Who isn't? Better yet, who shouldn't be?

The shortcut to finding this type of speaker is to first find a magical amplifier that does what few amps can do. That is take absolute control over a speaker's drivers. As well as having speed, agility, warmth, fullness, and depth.

Find that amp (it most likely will not be a Krell) and then you are free to choose which good quality full-range speaker you'd like to sound 'very dynamic'.

You might consider & find a later Talon Khorus X in that price range too, very very dynamic & full range.