Nation wide Quality Caring Delivery for Audio Gear

Is there a Company or Person who specializes in moving Audiophile gear caringly that you have heard of or used? I need to get a pair of Duntech speakers moved from Maine to So Cal. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Probably not. Your best bet is to have them properly crated by an expert(custom made wood crates) and then shipped by truck with insurance. If the crates arrive visually undamaged, the speakers will be fine. As a SoundLab (huge, heavy speaker panels) dealer, I have experience.
Contact an antique dealer. They may have some recommendations for specialty movers.
You have to crate them your self and then call a shipping service like PAX GLOBAL,UPS FREIGHT,FEDEX GROUND. This way they will arrive undamaged.
DON'T let anyone pack these for you if you can help it, do the packing your self. There is no retail service that has a brain, when it comes to shipping outlets...None of them know how to pack anything worth value, sadly.
There is a new 'white glove' moving franchise business being sold. The key is one, single firm in door to door control. All the other solutions put many players in the chain, all of which can pass the liability for damage on to others. Original packing materials and boxes are the key to success, without them anybodies packing is suspect.
The only service that fits your bill is a specialty Fine Art shipper that specializes in packing and moving very expensive, odd shaped, or heavy sculpture, paintings, etc. Someone like U.S. Art Shippers ( Our business uses them on a regular basis to ship Fine Art up and down the eastern seaboard. You can contact them, they can arrange for custom crating, two men come and pack everything, and the stuff gets loaded and delivered with "kid gloves." The only problem? This service costs thousands. The crates cost thousands. This is one reason museum shows costs so much to stage and move around the world. In short, prior advice that you have to manage the packing/crating yourself is pretty much on the money for any audio product that isn't six figures.
Try 5 LOGISTICS they do many people at RMAF.I I used them they are great!!
I found a great delivery service that is caring and reasonably priced. Charles from jimboy transportation services picked up and moved my huge and heavy Duntech speakers from Maine to Southern California for just over a grand! This guy was great! 584-0682 Tell him Dean sent you.