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Do I go from a Primaluna HP Integrated to Schiit Freya+ and a pair of Aegir Amps?
If you want bigger faster louder make sure the Prima Luna is running KT150s.Otherwise save up enough pennies to make a real upgrade. With Forte IIIs the amp is unlikely to be a system bottleneck. I suggest you look for improvements elsewhere. 
Which transport with my Jay's Audio DAC?
Making choices based on theoretical reasoning based on filtered feedback from a forum is not a wise methodology  for component selection.What you are really seeking is positive reinforcement for your decision. 
Turntable Mat question
A 20+ yr old ringmat. They appear to have gone Uber complex now with extra things you put under them. I’m really happy with the basic mat. 
I wan't the best in this price range
Agree with atmasphere. Under your current strategy you’re just chasing your tail and chewing up $$$$$$$. Zu‘s just don‘t require 175W solid state amps unless you are into inducing hearing loss. Toss the monos and see if you can get your old amps b... 
Blue Jeans Cable Sound Good???
BJC represent good value at their priice point. No more no less.They can be bettered if you are willling to put in some listening time with cables further up the food chain. 
No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need
Once you have proved all cable manufacturers wrong how do you think they are going to feed their children?I don't think you have any social conscience. 
No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need
b4icu, you’re not not related to Jeff Medwin are you? 
Platter mat insanity
Interesting: I have used a ringmat for years after trying just about everything available.Nothing I have tried has been able to persuade me to make a change. This is probably one of the bestexamples of the use of air suspension with minimal ccmtac... 
How does cable length affect sound?
Don’t waste your money on power "conditioners". There is NOTHING wrong with the AC from your outlets!I don‘t recall the OP stating or asking anything about power conditioners. Why post off topic clickbait when it is totally uncalled for? 
Does this image give you claustrophobia?
I can‘t help but wonder how many of his components are thermally  challenged due to their total enclosure. 
RIP Otis Rush
It’s a grim reality check when all the great artists you have grown up with start dying.....One of the very best and will be sorely missed. Although, it must be said, reaching 84 when you have spent a lot of your life touring the blues circuit is ... 
Best $40 I've spent...maybe ever
Even simple isopropyl alcohol applied with cotton buds or pipipe cleaners can work wonders. 
Filling speaker Stands?
@glupson - My sincere apologies re Mickey, I should not have besmirched his impeccable gentlemanly  reputation by association with GK. 
Filling speaker Stands?
Maybe if GK could be induced to inserting a phone receiver up his nether regions he could be teleported to a parallel universe where his Mickey Mouse compendium of physics actually work. 
Filling speaker Stands?
So did anyone actually AB the system with filled stands and without filled stands? No.Geoff,Replacing your medically prescribed lithium regime with Albanian overproof Absinthe does not result in a particularly good look.Can't say it's been happeni...