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A CD PLAYER whose sound quality NOT AFFECTED by the DAC?
a CD player consists of two base components, both of which will always affect sound quality  
Changing Tubes
can't go past Telefunken PCC88  
Tubes becoming hard to get?
Slovakian and Chinese manufacturers will fill the void, nature abhors a vacuum..  
Rega Apheta 3 on Rega Planar 8:  Any idea on screws torque values ?
depends on the cartridge body undergoing deformation under load . Common sense is a good guide..  
recommended speaker cables and interconnects
anything but blue jeans interconnects: bought a pair for patio system - dynamically constricted garbage and a total waste of my money. Going cheap can be a false economy..  
AN Niobium versus Tantalum resistors?
I will try a Niobioum on the input position for 500 hrs  
AN Niobium versus Tantalum resistors?
your results with full Z-foils mirror my own. Ideally I use a mixture of Z-foils and Takman metals, with a few Caddock MK132 (very full, bold and assertive) and Shinkoh tants (musical and finely textured) thrown in for flavour. The MK132‘s are ve... 
Vandersteen Speakers.. Are All Other Speaker Makers Doing It Wrong ?
listening to Vandersteen speakers it is evident Richard Vandersteen just doesn't get PRAT. Temporally challenged to a tee..          
ATC or Audio Note (2-way)
Thought both were very mid-centric? it‘s what’s called a flat frequency response   so low level listening was their weak point, imo you‘re using the wrong amp  
Does a graphic equalizer show where your amp is lacking?
I suggest you don a flak jacket and raise an umbrella  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
the music is what counts, and IMHO any system should br geared towards getting the best out of every recording.. ie the system should be subservient, to the music and not merely a showpiece for demonstration records.  
I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable
My preferred stylus is Shibata and they don't make anything with this profile. your assumption that what you hear is due to stylus profiles may be way off mark as there are many other variables at play. Excluding cartridges solely on the basis ... 
180g … It’s All Hype !
I think they‘re mainly for the “use LP‘s to listen to sounds and their systems crowd“ drastically changing the timbre of Cat Stevens’ plastic-bodied Ovation acoustic guitar (and the drummer’s cymbals, which I always found severely lacking in shi... 
Tone arm plug in RCA cable?
Hi Holmz, I am pretty sure the box only serves as an adaptor, in which case you would be best served by buying a tonearm cable possessing absolutely massive detectable lucidity. At a budget price Mogami, further up Audio Technica, Chord, Cardas, K... 
Riken resistors
personally, I would forget both and go with Takman carbon. Great performance in the low value gridstopper position and no real sonic advantage going with the Riken. Horses for courses..