Naim Nait 5i Assistance Please

I purchased a Nait 5i some time ago to go with my Dynaudio Focus 140s and Wadia/ARCAM DAC/Transport. The sound is very distinct from my current reference consisting of modified Rotel 1070 Pre and Bryston 3B-ST.

On some types of music the Nait sounds great: Blues and Jazz.. Eva Cassidy and Martin Sexton come alive in an articulate and nuanced way. Other music falls very flat like some newer Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard where the intensity or scale is very lacking/uninvolving.

I'm not sure I've ever had a piece of equipment be so hit or miss depending of the music selection. Currently I don't have any other Naim equipment in my system. The power of the Nait 5i seams adequate for the Dyns as long as I don't push them too hard. Should I give the Nait more of a chance by adopting more Naim equipment or is what I'm experiencing a common occurrence? Thanks.
I found my Naim 5i-2 to sound it's best with the Naim CD player and cables. It also has limited power which may be causing some of your problems. I never experienced the problems you mention, but I used it in a small room with efficient speakers.
I had one and was very didn't like it at all. Don't waste your time trying to make it work. If you put it on some really dull sounding speakers, its OK. On good speakers, it just falls apart. It had enough power to drive the speakers, it just wasn't clean. If you can find a good used Creek 5350, that would be a better choice. Its in a completely different league than the Naim. I put it next to a Cambridge 640 that is less than half the price of the Nait. Even that beat it with no problem. Most over rated product I've ever bought.
Thank you both for your input. Anyone else?
I suggest you pose this question to the Naim Forum. They will assist you in getting over this illness.
I had a Naim Nait for about a week or so. I was replacing an NAD receiver, and as much as I wanted to like the Naim, it went back. Strident - that's what I would call it. Maybe in an all Naim system it works but for me it was a bust.