Naim amplification with quad ESL

Has anyone tried to driving quad electrostatics with naim amps? How does this combo work?

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My audition of this combo was too long ago to be useful, but there is one well established dealer in Chicago that highly recommends Naim with Quad.

I used to be a Naim owner in the 1970’s & 80’s, (22 – 120, 12 – 160, 32.5 – Hi-Cap – 250) I know that Naim said not to use with Electrostatic Speakers.

I tried one of the small Naim Pre / Power combinations on a pair of Electrostatics in the 1990’s (not Quad’s), the Power Amp closed down in less than one minute)

I do not know when, or if this changed. I would not try unless I contacted the Naim Factory with Serial numbers for their opinion.

Strange really because Naim were trying to manufacture a full range Electrostatic Speaker, I heard a prototype, very, very impressive.
I have used different combinations of Naim amps with my Quad ESL 57's with no problems at all. I used a 110 power amp at first and then a new 250.2 power amp. The 250 and the original Naim NAIT are two of the most highly recommended solid state amps to use with Quads ESL's.
Tried a NAP 200 with the quads using NACA5 and it sounded extremely good. I am also using MC2275 and now I don't know which one to keep. Reading the posts, some say naim is the antithesis of tubes but it is remarkable how similar they sound. My ears must be broken. Tonality is very similar. Naim has more attack and pace and imaging is more defined and sold. The mc has slightly richer midrange and more airy highs. Voices has a ghostly effect and more holograhic.

Creilly, with the quads, how much better is the 250.2 comparing to 200?
Glai :

I have never heard a 200 so I cannot comment on how much better the 250.2 is. I know that when I used the 110 it drove them just fine. They tend to prefer lower powered amps anyhow. The 250.2 was certainly much more authoritative. Which model of Quads are they?
Quads are 2805s

Creilly, do u find Naim to be slightly dry sounding?