NAIM 72/180, Nait5i vs KRELL 300iL

Hi All,
I am on the market for new/used SS amplifier in the $ 1200 – 1500 price range.
Since I am from Bulgaria where the choice are quite limited and after auditioning some low priced Rotel, Arcam and Denon stuff and PrimaLuna One&Two from the tubes I narrowed my search to two brands – NAIM and Krell (UK vs USA :) )
I got lucky to find in my price a 7+ years old olive Naim 72/180 combo and I really liked what I heard from my speakers.
What I am not sure, and need your help here, is will an used Krell KAV 300iL be the better choice – more excitement, more bass ?
The problem is I NEVER auditioned Krell and there is NO way to do it prior my purchase!
I like NAIM but will I enjoy Krell more?
So, here are my possibilities:
- NAIM NAC 72/NAP 180, pre/power combo – used
- NAIM Nait5i, integrated – new
- Krell KAV 300iL, integrated – used
I know there are thousands other possibilities but not here…
My speakers are quite easy load – Tannoy System DMT MkII 15” Dual Concentric, 98dB sensitivity, 8 Om.
I like rock, jazz-rock, acid jazz, electronica.
The KAV integrateds are known to be cold...something that is different than the older Krell sound that many people like. The 400 integrated supposedly is much better, different.

Having purchased the Naim Nait 5i for a friend and listened to it critically with some friends, the Nait 5i was a clear winner, even compared with an integrated that cost almost 2X more than the Naim. The older Naim sound is different, you might either love it or hate it. The newer Naim sound is different. With the music you like, I say NAIM NAIT 5i.
no offense to naim, but the krell is 1. accurate and neutral (not cold)....2. will work incredibly well with a very wide variety of equipment. 3. is in a league with mac, spectral,audio research, revox, cj, etc.....
krell sound is very good however if you really get into the prat of naim equipment you will not like krell.
I vote for Nait 5i as well, but you may get different opinions here:
Hi Ivo, why go for an integrated amp if you can have the separates? It is a more flexible solution, no? I wouldn't base my preference for an amp just because it is new/newer.
Naim AMP/Preamo combo!!!
I have had the Nait 3 (not i) and the Krell - no contest.

Match it well with proper speakers (Monitor Audio, Spendor or Linn)
I had Krell 300iL and now I have Naim Nait5i. I paired the Krell with Celestion SL700SE (used to be the top of the line of Celestion). The combo sounded very tiring, I could not listen to this combo for a long time. However, now with my Nait5i and Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor, I can enjoy listening to the music for hours.