Krell KAV-300iL Anyone own or heard

In the past there has been much said of the original 300i
being "bright or forward"...maybe yes, maybe no. I would
like to hear feedback from people that own or have heard
the new 300iL.
I have tried it its not good for high volumes low volume is pretty good. Yes it is forward And yes It is brite but its krell and thats their sound signature. My brother owns it and the cd player to match and I think it sounds like a high end receiver almost. Just a step up. If you want a musical premp The levinson 383 is the best you can buy but very exspensive. Also classe intergrated is pretty smooth bottom end is a little sloppy but the unit is musical much much better than the krell. You existing equipment will dictate what you should purchase. What are you using?
Thanks for your response Lev335. I have had many high-end
components in the past...but have had to down-size. I am
using Magnepan 1.6 and will likely pair a Classe integrated
with them.....have had this in the past and enjoyed it. I
listen mainly to Jazz from cd and vinyl...and classical and
Jazz FM. I had just wondered if the L version was any real
Thanks, Jim
I have had the Krell 300i, Classe Cap150 and the Levinson 383 in my home for various lenthgs of time. I returned the Krell as soon as I was able to compare it with the Classe. The Krell was too in-my-face and bright while the Classe was very satisfying and cost less. Later I bought a Levinson 383, much more expensive, and in the end the Classe had to go. Sold on audiogon for a decent return. I do not know about the "L" version but in the Krell room at the New York show I felt exactly the same in-your-face, over-bright sensation and I left quickly. I guess Krell is just not for me.
I own a Krell 300il for about 3 months and it runs very well with my Wadia. I also own a tube amp CJ MV-55 which I connect it directly to Wadia. To my ear, the Krell 300iL sounds great and like tube. I would rate CJ is slightly better for female vocal sound (4.5 vs 5.0). But in some CD, Krell 300iL is the winner. I do not notice any bright sound from this Krell at all.
I too own Magnepan 1.6qr's. I started with the Audio Refinement complete. A nice little integrated but not enough juice for the 1.6qr's. Next I bought the Krell 300il
integrated. Personally, I liked the Audio Refinement better, even underpowered.

Next I bought the Mcintosh MA 6450 integrated amp. Holy smokes! this amp opened up the maggies like I never heard them before. The Mcintosh is superb in build, function, and abilities. It is just great with the 1.6's. Hope this helps.