NAD 7175pe

I have the above receiver which I use with Tyler Talo Mini Ref monitors, sometimes Rainmakers, Silverlines 11's and 17's. Is it possible to use a sub with this unit though there is no sub in/out thus, being limited to Bass equilizer and a Loudness switches? Is it safe to use these at a moderate levels? Obviously, I'm a newbe... Thank you.
The 7175 has Pre Out/Main Ins, so just get a Y adapter and run the subs off the Pre Outs. Should work fine.

I see you own the Silverline SR 11 and the Tyler Talo mini reference. Can you offer any comment regarding their sonics - I am looking for speakers that can sing at low to moderate listening levels. If they need to be cranked up in order to appreciate their finer attributes - they may not be for me.
Thank you for your commentary -
Tom G.