Replacement for NAD 7175PE receiver? (NAD 165BEE + NAD C427 + ARC D130?)

My dear old NAD 7175PE receiver is giving me fits with static in the volume and tone controls.  After almost 30 years, I think it's earned its retirement.  So, what now?  This is for my 2nd system that has my TV, Oppo Blu-ray, various VHS and cassette devices;  speakers are Vandersteen 1b and Hifiman 560 headphones (on a Schiit Lyr 2).

I wanted to re-buy this receiver!  I can't find anything like it.  I don't want a home theater solution, and I don't want to connect more speakers, and I don't have digital devices (except a Sonos).  I would like FM, though.

I'm thinking of getting the NAD 165BEE preamp + NAD C427 tuner, and using my old Audio Research D130 power amp to drive the Vandersteens.  What do you think?

Reviews seem to be positive for the NAD preamp.  Specs on the NAD tuner make we wonder whether it's as good as the one in the receiver, though.  I thought about an NAD C275BEE power amp, but I have this ARC amp already -- which do you think is better?

Thanks in advance!

Scratchy volume and tone controls is usually just dirt/oxidation in the pots.  A quick cleaning with De-OXIT will usually resolve the issue. Just do a google search for "cleaning volume pots" and you'll find plenty of information on the subject.

If you like your receiver, you probably don't need to replace it. It may just need a little service.....
agree with reubent,  use Deoxit on all controls, I'd probably replace the main electrolytics and put it back in service. 
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Intriguing!  I "fixed" the problem last year by running the pots and switches back and forth for a few minutes.  Lately, I've been doing that 10x after every listen.  The problem is back, and worsening.

So.  There are some downsides.  I don't have any electronics expertise.  I'm not sure how far I'd have to take things apart -- maybe just the cover to get at the pot, but the A/B speaker switch seems to be enclosed, and it's a problem.  The unit has seen a lot of use in 31 years.  I could order some DeoxIT, pay the bucks, wait, wait until I have a free Saturday, ... and it might or might not solve the problem.  I do wonder what kind of shape the other components are in.  Replacing caps sounds like a smart idea.  I have a dealer I trust, but he's 2 hours away.  So that would blow two Saturday afternoons, plus a chunk of change for the labor.  I know, patience is a virtue, right?  Or... I could just move on, and make this someone else's project!  Just for kicks, how much do you think an NAD dealer would charge for a full cleaning and re-tube?

As always, thanks for the advice!


er... not re-tube... re-cap!

@rach_fan - I wouldn't necessarily take it to a NAD dealer. I would find a local independant stereo tech if possible. Fixing scratchy pots and replacing caps is a very simple repair for them and it might not be very expensive. Where do you live? If you don't know a local tech, maybe create a new post here asking for an electronics tech in your area. Or you might want to ask a local audio friend, etc. You can also go to craigslist and see if you find someone in the electronics section. Search for vintage receivers and see if a local tech is re-selling units that they have refurbished..

Here in the Cincinnati area we have a few people who do this kind of work.

Lastly, if you just want something new, go for it. But if you plan to use the ARC, it might also need cap replacement......