Luxman R-115 vs Nad 7175PE

Me and a buddy have been arguing over which receiver is better. Can anyone help end this argument?
No one can end the argument for you. You're the one who has to listen to it. Put both receivers next to each other, listen to them and pick the one that sounds best.
Was a longtime owner of the 115 and always loved it. Haven't heard that particular NAD. Had the 115 hooked up to some Magnat (German), near-full-range speakers and the bass never quit even when cranked, the mids were natural and warm (yet balanced) and the highs were extended, clear and open.
Better in this case is very subjective. Only you can
decide which sounds better.

With that said, the Luxman R-115 is a wonderful stereo
receiver with a top notch tuner on board and plenty of
neutral/warmish and detailed ooomph to mate with many a

If the question was the R-117 vs the 7175PE, the R-117
would most likely get the nod every time. As a matter of
fact, the
Luxman R-117 is often considered the finest stereo
receiver produced after the receiver wars of the 70's.
It has legendary status.

The R-115(70w/ch) is built to the same standards as the
R-117(160w/ch) but with less power. It also
"could" be considered the 2nd best receiver of
the 80's.

I have plenty of experience with NAD gear but the 7175PE
is one piece I have never heard.

Thanks guys. I'm a Luxman guy and he's a NAD guy. Of course we're bias but the fact most response was for my Luxman, he owes me dinner. Thanks again!
I owned both. The NAD was a Fiat 500 , The Luxman a Mercedes E-350.