NAD 2600 and thumping noise

Okay, I just got a nice deal on an NAD 2600. However, when I turn it on and off there is a fairly loud THUMP. Even if the volume is turned down and the inputs are removed, it is still there. I know this isn't much to go on, but any ideas? Is this a matter of cleaning this baby up? Or have I bought a dying beast? Or something in between?

Many thanks! Aaron
I had a similar experience when powering down my Adcom 545. I was told back then by Adcom that it was nothing to worry about, as it was the amplifier doing some type of discharge. Sorry, I can not be more specific, but that was 20+ years ago and the Adcom is gone about the last 10 of those years.

That's normal with budget gear, no soft start of stop.
...and it's good for speakers too:-)
If you can turn the speakers off before powering up or down, do so.
If the amp has a headphone out that shuts the speakers off- you can insert cheap headphones or a dummy plug (just buy a 1/4 in stereo phone plug from Radio Shack). I had the same problem with aN NAD 71xx series receiver, and thats what I used to do.
Check with NAD, on an amp that old it may be that some caps have gone bad and need replacing.
Not normal for this amp...the relays are shot and need to be replaced.
Hi bojack, thanks for the reply and sorry for my slow response. I hate to ask, but is this an expensive fix? Also, is it something I could put off? Finally, if I am going to do that, would it be worth having other work done to the amp?

Oh, a stupid question: what exactly are the relays? (hides head in shame)
Actually, does anyone ever mod NADs the way Adcoms and other get the mod treatment?