N802 speaker cable suggestion

thank you in advance for your suggestions:
i am currently running my N802 with:
rotel 1095
rotel 1066
planet 2000
AU24 ICs thru out
Tara Labs RSC prime 500 speaker cables
RGPC 600

i am in the process of upgrading the pre and amp in a next few months to MAC 352 and C42, thus, need your suggestions for a long term speaker cables. I really like the Au24 ICs, wondering if it is a good idea/match to use the au24 speaker cables. Thanks again, Ken
from what I've been reading, AU24 ICs and AU24 speaker cable is a team. Go to www.6moons.com and navigate through it to find review of AU24. How do you like the ICs? I have N803 running with ARC LS-15 pre and McCormack DNA-125 amp. Looking for ICs and speaker cables as well.
Kimber BiFocals XL spk cables and Select ICs (KS1111)sound great with my B&W804s.

Wadia 301>Jeff Rowland 201s>B&W 804s

audphile1, i like my au24 ICs alot, and probably will keep them for a while.
i read a lot about au24 vs. anticable speaker cables. wondering if someone could share their experiences. Ken
Keny, I've been reading lots of stuff on the net, as I am sure you have been as well, that the Audience's approach to cable design differs a lot from others. Currently I have Monster M950I interconnects between cd+preamd+amp and M2.4s biwire speaker cable. I am sure these cables are way under my system's capabilities. I think I'll go for AU24 but would like to find a dealer that allows for an in-home audition. Thanks for your response.
another thing to mention is that Audience, even with B&W Nautilus speakers, recommends single run and not the bi-wire. I never tried the AU24 speaker cables so I wouldn't know, but what I do know is that any cable I tried with these speakers that wasn't a bi-wire cable did not sound good. So you may want to ignore their suggestion or get both sets and send back the one you like the least.
I'm bi-wiring my N802's with AZ Satori on bottom and Hologram II on top and very pleased with the combination...FWIW
Gotta agree with the last caller. My N802s really liked it when they were treated to biwires. It sounded a little like I had just added a better and more powerful amp.
Audphile - I've been auditioning speaker cable through the Cable Company recently and I can tell you its the ONLY way to audition cable. After reading tons on these forums, I figured the Cardas line was the one for me. When Cable Co actually sent me the big box of cables, I discovered that the Cardas didn't work well in my system at all, and the best sounding was a brand I never even heard of before (Purist Audio).

As for the B&W's, I owned a number of them (especially the Matrix series) and can tell you the B&W's as a line just seem to demand biwiring to sound their best. I wouldn't even consider single wiring them.
I wouldn't think Audience speaker cables would make a good combo with
N802's. N802's like lots of power. Audience speaker cables are based on the
questionable notion that thinner gauged cables sound best. It's pretty basic
-- you're going to suffer higher resistance with thinner gauged cables, which
means you're going to lose signal over the audio band. I would use
something much lower gauged, which is probably why Arthur has had such
good luck bi-wiring with the Sartori and Hologram. That's a lot of cumulative
gauge -- he's reduced resistance to a complete non-issue. Not saying you
have to go to that expense -- you might try other lower cost, lower gauged
cables first.
If only I could reduce resistance to a complete non-issue in other areas of my life, my wife, my kids, my work.....oh well, gotta have a dream....
I've replaced my Kimber silver speaker cable that comes with the B&W Silver Signature's with Sonoran Plateau speaker cable. It's a lot more natural and less grainy than the Kimber's, although I didn't even realize the Kimber's were grainy until I auditioned the Sonoran's.

You can audition the Sonoran's for 30 days and see for yourself. Go to http://www.audiopoints.com and check them out.

AND, like LarryB suggested, please don't even consider any option except bi-wiring, and with two separate runs of cable. Don't get a bi-wired set please, there is a difference.
That's what I've noticed, as I mentioned in my earlier post, that single wire run doesn't do it for the Nautilus. I don't know how Audience thinks that the B&Ws are better with a single run of AU24. But I did send them an e-mail a while ago and got a response that my speakers, the N803, would not benefit from a bi-wire run. Hmmm. This totally contradicts with what I've found to work best when trying different cables. The way to go is bi-wire for the Nautilus, but I do agree there will be benefit from bi-wire run with 2 sets of cables. Never tried it though.
Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions. I agreed with everyone that bi-wiring is the only way to go. My friend has great success w/his N803 and mac 352, and c42.
auphile1, i am going to try out the anticables first just b/c it is a small investment,$160 for a 8'bw, then AU24 and AZ.
If anybody else has success w/Anticables w/B&W speakers, or has success w/Au24 w/802, pls share and I would great appreciated. Ken
How long do you need on the anti-cables? I have a 4' pair laying around I'll give you if you send me the postage. Just an offer.
I currrently have a pair of N 802's with original Straightwire Maestro speaker cables tied to my Levinson 331 amp. Four separate cables with spades on all ends. I want to upgrade to Crescendo II cables which can be internally bi-wired. I want to purchas used Crescendos and have them bi-wired on the speaker end and upgraded to Crescendo II's. Any thoughts about this? I'm trying to save some money and upgrade my system at the same time. Thanks.