Mytek Empire with GANFET MODULE

Mytek is now also launching GaN based amps really exciting news.

EMPIRE MONOBLOCKS are half rack width (8.5 inch) , 2U tall (3.5 inch) monoblock power amplifier designed to match the Empire Streamer cosmetically and sonically to create the best ever sounding Mytek Electronics to be paired with the highest resolution monitor speakers.
The heart of Empire Monoblocks is the newly designed Mytek Ganfet Power Module, the power amplifier stage utilizing the newest range of ultra fast Gallium Nitride transistors.

Because of the wonders of GanFET technology, distortion resulting from transistor switching are reduced by magnitutedes, thus allowing a very gentle negative feedback and triode like behavior of the output stage transfer characteristic. The resulting sound has a silky top and beautiful midrange with a 3D sound stage and detail, just like with the best tubes, yet it retains
the tight bass, control and dynamics of a large transistor amplifier.
1000W/ 4 Ohm, 500W 8 Ohm

0.005% (average level)

23 or 29dB

RCA or XLR. Repeated via THROUPUT

Large low noise toroid linear power supply

100-240VAC Auto
WxDxH=17x14x2 inch =432x225x50mm

30 lbs/15kg

Silver Matte or Black Matte

Read more below and Google GaN FET, HEMT to learn more about how these transistors can improve audio.
Another Wonder of the Week product. Yawn! SS amplifier design has been a mature technology for several decades now. Will this new product surpass a Nelson Pass amp? I doubt it!
I love a Pass Labs high bias amps as much as anyone here, even had x260.5 monoblocks.
But they are quite big, need adequate cooling and a adequate budget.
These Myteks are not free either but hopefully gan can continue to improve with reduced cost. 
As there are not that many gan designs on the market yet I would consider the development interesting.

But if you have the means to go high bias class a, that's great.
Mytek, this summer, is releasing a stereo 200W a channel GaN amp for $6K. The new Manhattan amp.

If that is too much then this month the Premium-Audio 200 watt a channel GaN stereo amp will be released for $699.

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Yes, the Mytek amps are still not out.......suppose to be out last summer.  Maybe some? time this year?  Who knows.  Meanwhile lots of other great class D amps now out....New Purifi module, New Class D modules, Orchard Audio, AGD amps, Atmasphere amps.....and so it goes.

My Technics SU-G700 M2 uses GaNFET output devices and sounds heavenly for it. So, no, solid state is not yet a mature technology. Far from it.

With GaNFET coming onboard with lots of makes, it's a whole new ballgame.

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