Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ or Weiss DAC202 with RED BOOK PLAYER

I wonder if anyone knows which one of these two devices works better with the cd player because I have a large colection of CDs.
Also, I'm wondering which device would you give the advantage of playing digital files.
If only using 16Bit, then the Weiss.
I have the Mytek Brooklyn but not the plus version.
It does a wonderful job with Redbook. It is one of the DACs that helped me realize how much better DACs are now than they were 15 years ago. Until now, improvements seemed to happen in the high resolution world. Either with high resolution files or upsampling.

The Brooklyn was one of the early DACs that really pushed the envelope of what can be done with Redbook alone.

And what cd player( or transport) do you use with Mytek Brooklyn?
Sorry I am not familiar with digital terms - If only using 16Bit, then the Weiss-is that mean if I use only CDs then the Weiss s better?


Yes, for 16Bit (MP3 & CD) the Weiss is better. If using digital connection between CD transport/player and DAC, what player you get is mostly irrelevant.

Although it’s from 2012, this is what John Atkinson of Stereophile said:

The Weiss DAC202 is the best-measuring D/A processor I have measured in my quarter-century career at Stereophile. It just doesn’t get any better than this!