Anyone using a Mytek Brooklyn or Manhattan (I or II) DAC as a preamplifier?

Anyone have any experience with the Mytek DAC's preamp direct to a power amplifier? Any good? Great? 

I'm considering going with a Mytek Brooklyn direct to either a McIntosh MC275, Pass Labs XA60.8m or X250.8, or Parasound JC-1. I'd need to stick with this setup for a year until sufficient funds are available for a preamp, so want to make sure it's enjoyable and a marked step-up from my current Rega Brio + Parasound zDac combination.

Forgot to mention that the Mytek Dealer doesn't stock any of my possible amp combos. Only stuff way out of my price range - Dartzeel, VAC, and BAT with the BAT being the cheapest option at $19.9K.
I have the Brooklyn. Marvelous.
Thanks Erik - have you tried it direct to a power amp or connecting to an integrated or dedicated preamp?
Direct to my Class D monoblocks.

I usually listen via a Parasound P7 because of the ht. Otherwise I would run the Mytek direct. It is a better pre.


I am driving a Jeff Rowland 625 directly with a Mytek Manhattan to great effect via the analog volume control.  Manhattan II is said to have a superior volume control.  I think Mytek would pair great with a Pass amp.
Excellent info Erik & tdimler. I'll report if I pull the trigger.
I looked at the Brooklyn and wound up buying he PS Audio Directsteam JR. For only a few dollars more with their trade in offer, I was able to remove the tangle of USB wire and MicroRendu from my system and it sounds amazing directly into my McIntosh amp.  
bbyer - I hadn't see the PS, so thanks for providing a new option to look into. Does the Direcstream JR support MQA or do you know if they have plans to support it? Also, which McIntosh amp are you using?

I use Roon which enables playing MQA playback from Tidal.  I believe PS is planning a new release that supports MQA in DAC but frankly it's sort of what led me to believe the Mytek is a bit of a Swiss Army knife incorporating headphone amp, DAC, Phono, etc all into a half sized box.  

My McIntosh is their new small amp MC-152.  I got it used from Audio Classics and couldn't be happier with the combo.  

Thanks again bbyer!
I too own a Mytek Brooklyn and it's really a spectacular unit.  Throw in the fact the MSRP is $2k and it's a steal.  Even the firmware that I updated yesterday went off without a hitch.  It's a very powerful unit which sounds great both through a pre or direct (how I use it).  I have a Sotm sMS-200 connected to it as well.  
I would have bought one of these if it could connect to an integrated amp preamp input.  
I don't understand why more quality DACs don't allow the option of connection to a preamp or integrated amp.  
I tried my Mytek Brooklyn through a Bryston 14b sst2 and thought it sounded ok.  I preferred it through the preamp.  The imaging and tone quality seem better.
W bud what preamp do you use?
I go straight into my Triode Corporation TRX-M845 Monoblocks and love it. I will consider the Manhattan II when it's available.  
I'm thinking of ditching my Peachtree Nova Pre in favor of a Brooklyn. How "touchy" is the Mytek volume control? The Nova pre is very touchy. One small hit on remote, the volume really jumps