My Setup - Room Treatment Suggestions?

I took a few pics and made a little page for my system progression...

Suggestions on room treatment?
Judging from the pics, your room acoustics are most likely on the lively side because of the large bare surfaces that abound.

Highest priority should be to add absorption along the right side wall (as seen from chair). Unfortunately, the right speaker is closer to the wall than the left, so treating this wall is especially important.

Next add absorption to the wall behind the chair, then diffusion panels behind the loudspeakers (many prefer the opposite arrangement...depends).

If you are feeling adventurous, add a bit if absorption or diffusion to the ceiling (hint - have someone hold a 12"X12" mirror square flat on the ceiling while you sit in the hot-spot. keep repositioning the mirror until the tweeters can be seen. That is where you put the treatment. Use this technique for the side wall, as well).

Have fun and good listening!
What material is the wall? Is it concrete/brick or sheet rock? I am in no way an expert, but I subscribe to the view that diffusion is better than absorption. I would try diffusing the side walls first. If you still have excessive upper energy, than try absoprtion. But if you have concrete walls, yeah, absorption would probably work better.

With absorption, you could end up "absorbing" some of the good high frequencies as well.

If there is any way to move that table and equipment that are sitting out in front of the TV it would probably help. The room loOks pretty live, I'd be trying to "soften" it up a bit using thick wall-hangings, etc.

Good luck, looks like a nice system!

Try a shallow cloth wave system on the ceiling area. Armstrong makes a unit that should give you an idea of what it is all about. But think DIY. Make sure what you do is fully adjustable in both the spacing of the 'waves' and the drop of the waves. Put a track on each side of the ceiling and move the 'drape' around. That way you can tweak until you are satisfied.
Go to GIK Acoustics website. Very informative site with sample layouts. The owner is easily accessible by phone... very helpful, low pressure company. The $700 investment I made with GIK panels was the best audio money I have spent. I was about to give up on my Dyn. C4's, but have since treated my room and love the sound I'm hearing.
Well, I am not gonna get something bulky or permanent (i might be moving).

And I'm really considering moving my system in the basement (down side is ceiling would rattle).

On the other hand, with system in my room, I cannot turn it up too loud... entire house is hardwood floor, it just echos and travel through out the house. And neighbors could hear it...

So it's either deaden the hell out of current room. And get some sort of defuser type. Or move into basement and make the drop ceiling stop rattling...