My PS Audio Duet Power Center Stopped working

My PS Audio Duet Power Center I purchased in February 2008 stopped working today. This happened several months ago and I after I let the unit sit for several days it started working again. When I plug the unit in and hit the power switch there is no power. When I push the reset button on the side, nothing happens.

I tried several different wall outlets and it still does not work.

Is the unit broken? I am guessing any repairs will be expensive (and not worth it). Any suggestions?
I have the same unit and had similar issues with mine. Called PSAudio and they gave me an RMA, sent them the unit and three weeks later it was back and has worked perfectly since. I understand that this malfunction is a well documented issue with these conditioners
Yes agreed. PS Audio is a reputable firm and am sure they'll do all they can to assist. I've had a Duet now for a number of years still working perfectly. My only complaint in that the inlet power coard plug is not as snug as I'd like it to be but it stays put as long as I don't bump the unit. I have it out of the way where it can not be touched.
My Quintet power module gave it up and they sent me one free when it was long out of warranty. Give them a call, they were great to me.
Definitely call PS Audio. Had similar issue and they sent me a replacement cartridge. Was never asked about the date of purchase or anything, the unit was purchased used from Audiogon. All they asked was the address to send the replacement cartridge at.
Very good company to work with...
Excellent suggestions. I called PS Audio today and they believe it is a bad cartridge. As soon as I receive the RMA#, I will return the unit to them for repairs. There was no problem with the warranty and there will be no cost for the repair work.

I am very impressed with PS Audio. They are a great company to work with.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
PS Audio reports my problem is likely the power cartridge. Most likely, it seems, the unit caught a small surge or trip and as a result no longer will pass power. This is the intended function of this unit to protect my connected gear. This is a free repair service and the estimated repair time is 3 to 4 weeks.
Pdn, you can snug up IECs with Teflon plumber's tape, the kind used to make pipe joints water tight. A few wraps is usually enough.