My cj still gets to hot

Greetings audiophiles I posted a few weeks ago about my cj 2500 running to hot. I appreciated everyones feed back. Once again the system is a cj 2500 amp with a cj pfr pre amp running magnepan 3.5's with stock crossover boxs. The system sounds perfect but my amp runs to hot ( almost to hot to touch heat sinks). I called cj they told me to try changing the 5watt 100 ohm reference resistor to a 5watt 47 ohm reference resisitor in the pre amp. I did,sounds good, still runs hot! I may have to pack her up & send her to cj, but if anyone has any other suggestions, they would be most welcome! Thanks Kyle
Well i just got off the phone and i have some pretty good news buddy.

I just saved a bunch of cash by switching to GEICO!!!

Good luck with the amp! :)

Just kidding.
Your best bet might be to send it in. Hopefully replacing that resistor diddnt void your warrenty. wouldnt that suck?

You could also try modifying your heatsinks IE expanding or adding to them.

You dont think it is the maggies that are causing the strain do you?
Hifihutch, I just got my amp back from CJ yesterday. Have no fear, they handled everything just great. They turned it around in no time, better than ever. Very good customer service, highly recommended. My ss c-j never gets hot, something doesn't sound right. Send it in before something seriously goes wrong.
How do you store the amp? Is the amp getting appropriate ventialtion? How many inches behind, above and to the sides is it from the next surface? What is it sitting on? Are those surrounding surfaces generating heat? What is the ambient temperature? How hot is hot? Perhaps you can get an actual temperature of the amp under load.
Unsound makes some great suggestions before you go through the expense of mailing it off to CJ. I have a 2500A and 16ls2 combination and the 2500 gets warm but not what I would call hot and it is sits inside a cabinet and is not particularly well ventilated.