My Boston Acoustics Radio stopped working

The AM section on my Boston Acoustics Receptor clock AM/FM radio stopped working (no sound) and the FM section works fine. The clock radio is very old and probably not worth fixing. Most likely, any needed parts are not available. I called Boston Acoustics and am waiting for them to call. Their customer service seems to be slow (?).

Any recommendations for a high quality clock AM/FM radio? Internet connectivity and/or Bluetooth are okay but not required.

The C. Crane CCRadio 3 AM/FM looks interesting. Does anyone have other clock AM/FM radios I should look at?

I had a quality clock radio once.  Totally useless as an alarm clock.  The sound was so pleasing that I would stay in bed.  My wife’s 30 year old digital radio that mangles our favorite FM station with static is much better at getting my butt out of bed
Thanks for the above suggestions.  I rebooted my Boston Acoustics Radio by turning the power OFF for 2 minutes and then turned it back on again.  It is working fine and I am keeping it.  
I purchased this because it is the only affordable alarm clock that allows me to wake up to a cd.   it has Bluetooth capability and I have tried to purchase speakers for my laptop so I can listen to music on youtube