Jolida 102B paired with Boston Acoustics A200???

Hello all,

I am a newbie and am considering a switch from vintage solid-state to a new (cheap) tube int amp. I've got my eye on the Jolida 102B which is 25 WPC. Do you think this amp could properly drive a vintage pair of Boston Acoustics A200's?

Current System:

Pioneer SX-750
Technics SL-1350 w/ Grado Gold
BA A200's

Thanks for any and all info/opinions!
I see no reason to be concerned unless you have a large room and like to crank up the volume. That's a real honey of an amp, btw. But, I'm real partial to EL84 valves.
I had a Jolida SJ-502a that I ran with a pair of Boston Acoutics A-60s. Very nice sound, and I regret that I got rid of my Bostons. I suspect that you'll be very happy with the sound of the Jolida 102B with your Bostons A-200.
Glad to hear it guys, thanks for the info! I'm searching "Jolida" almost every day here on Audiogon, haha. Gonna wait till there's one close enough for me to do a local pickup.

I run my A200's with a 50wpc Arcam Alpha 8, solid state which easily drives them in my fairly large 29' -15' room.
So 25wpc tube should work well.

Also consider upgrading your A200 feet and add spike's if they are on carpet. About 20.00 ttl parts and 1 hour of labor. Nice improvment..
Parts express sells spike kits, 6.00 per speaker. 5.00 worth of oak wood @ Home Depot. 2" wide 1/2 thick. Paint black or leave natural depending on speaker color.
Energy CB-20 sounds really sweet with Jolida too!
97db sensitivity means 25wpc is actually loud!
@tomcat9 Spikes eh? I'm pretty new to Hifi and haven't even considered spikes. But the idea does peak my interest. They are on carpet. When you say "nice improvement", what do you mean specifically? Id be very interested to know. Thanks!


Current system:

Pioneer sx-750
Technics sl-1350 w/ grado gold mm, v-lps, and regulated power supply
BA A-200's
Ya know...I use a pair of Boston A60IIs (bought new ages ago) on stands for the front of my video system...they're still kinda great actually...I mean really...