Boston Acoustic VR series....

Doesnt seem BA gets much love in hi-end circles...and granted for some least in my region...they were carried at midfi and higher chain stores...that being said...any feedback on original VR 1/2/3 series or even current offerings? I am gravitating towards a 3-way tower...seeking open midrange, smooth top, controlled punchy bass...which models of the VR series would fit the bill?
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I recently acquired some older vr 3 floorstanders...these were the TOTL 3 way from BAs last VR reference series I believe...generally considered a midfi specialist by many...BA attempted to make a state of the art speaker in the early 90s...and these are a direct descendent(albeit a more "value" oriented line) that came out a decade or more later...with manufacturing being completed in Maylasia as opposed to MA, USA...that being said...there is nothing about their sound that indicates this was a compromise speaker...BA wisely did away with the side firing woofers/powered towers from yearsearlier...and opted for a more traditional approach...but all the trademark BA traits are here: nuetral, uncolored sound;impressive soundstaging; well- controlled bass. Obviously at 1250 msrp, the do have their shortcomings: forward sound,lack of deep bass,VR tweeter not a standout on vocals. However, the very open midrange, pinpoint imaging, and lively presentation remind one of a far more pricey speaker.THese are not going to scare any Vandersteen owners, but for a mainstream product, these are examples of sound engineering and lower cost operation. Add to the fact outside of some vintage models, BA speakers are extremely affordable on the used market. FWIW, I own Infinity IL 40s roughly this era, and the BAs behave like a much more advanced speaker to my ears. The interludes are much smoother though, almost to the point of being a touch polite. They also have much more exaggerated bass than the BAs, which some prefer. Both are hidden gems on the used market.