Surprising smallish Boston VR-M60

I owned a boston VR-M50 a year back. It caught me off guard on the quality of sound. I always wanted to try the big brother. I finally found a beautiful pair. Do they ever sound beautiful. So much so, I dug into the speaker in greater detail. I put my mic up and ran a few passes. They graph beautifully. The low end is remarkable given the size, but it’s there in perfect balance. 
 The cabinets are beautifully made, with considerable bracing. The tweeter does not have a heat sync glued to it like I expected. It’s placed in a small port directly in the centerline of the rear port. That’s a lot of cool air being pumped over the heat. sync. What struck me was the cabinets stuffing it wasn’t just crammed in. It was perfectly teased for an incredibly uniform dampening. This cabinet was loved when put together.

I have my pair but-amped with a Rotel 250wpc x 5 channel and a Rotel preamp. 10 gauge speaker wire. Kimber PBJ.